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[Archived] Official Blackburn Rovers Golf Bag?

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Has anyone purchased the Blackburn Rovers golf bag that was advertised in the onerovers sales email about 4-8 weeks ago for about £99.99?

If so is it of good quality, size etc for its use as a golf bag as I am looking at purchasing one before I move to America later this year but due to living in Norfolk I cannot just pop in to the store to check it out?


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Hi is it Jamie Amis?

I passed some information about the golf bag to a mutual acquaintance! However he Chris Harrison is a useless £&:@!

It's a quite basic bag quality seems ok, material is basic, polytheney. All the mod cons you would expect but not the highest quality!

P.S. I am maccy the best man in Italy... Hope to see you there maybe!

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