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  1. Decent win from Barça and a great finish from the usually inefficient Alexis
  2. There's next to no chance of Khan landing a lucky punch on Floyd.
  3. Saw an advert for The Blacklist, looks interesting, anyone know anything about it?
  4. A lot of talk about how England haven't batted well, but the reality is its been a low scoring series. Australia only managed to score above 300 twice, and only got above 250 in 50% of their innings. The groundsmen have prepared results pitches, but for the weather we would have had a result in all 5 tests.
  5. This has been the key to it. Both top orders have been below par, and both bowling attacks have been decent. Both middle orders have been poor for the most part, with the exception of Ian Bell. Without him and the 3 high pressure innings he's played we would not have won the Ashes. Man of the series by a long long way in my opinion.
  6. Exactly - it's only going to become more of a bowlers wicket. You don't want to be chasing anything on this wicket. Imagine we were chasing 100 to win on day 4 and are sat at 30-3 like we are now. We've just heaped a load of pressure on ourselves. Batting again was the only thing that made sense.
  7. Because the pitch is doing plenty and its only day 2. You don't want to be batting on that on day 4. Need to try and bat through to a lead of 400+ by mid afternoon tomorrow. Put them in half an hour before tea and make it really uncomfortable.
  8. Please stick to your area of expertise, ie being a cantankerous old @#/?.
  9. What's the point in this? Are you going to attempt to convince him to like the England cricket team? Why do you care so much what he does and doesn't like?
  10. This is bravery on a level with anything I've ever seen. Absolutely unbelievable. Sorry to have never met you Warren, what an incredible chap you clearly were. All the best to your family.
  11. Those two runs you wanted to give away to Agar are becoming more and more valuable by the second.
  12. Not harsh at all. He's put this test in jeopardy with his stupidity. If he'd stayed calm he could have batted til tea and pretty much sealed the deal, instead he exposed his team, because he's a flash idiot.
  13. So KP gives his wicket away after getting himself in at a crucial point in the test match. For the 18000th time. Utter @#/? bellend.
  14. No, you are not the only one. He's very lax in the way he plays the ball. The reason he gets more stick for set pieces is because he takes more of them than anyone else.
  15. Some questionable decisions but Bayern look so clinical it's hard to see anyone beating them. Jupp Heynckes must be livid. 4-0 now.
  16. That's what Jordan Rhodes is all about. That was clinical. A great striker should always have hitting the back of the net at the fore front of his mind, and should be trying to find the quickest and shortest route to goal. Sounds obvious I know but so many over-complicate it.
  17. Now I feel bad. I'll make it up to you. You strike me as a bit of a late developer. Fancy a contract to sit on the bench of the reserves of an established English professional football team? Me and Jezza can hook you up.
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