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[Archived] File Transfer

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I have an old HP laptop which was replaced a few months back. Slowly but surely I've transferred all the important stuff to the new machine and EHD for back up purposes.

I still have 5 video files, each of around 4GB, to transfer. These are files created by transferring old VHS to digital. It's all family stuff, kids growing up etc. and I still have VHS tapes.

Each time I try to copy or move these I get a message saying there is insufficient memory and get a message suggesting I delete old files and run Disc Clean up, which I have done. So far I've tried the following different, but ultimately identical actions:

Send to


Cut and paste

Copy and paste

Then I've gone on to email to myself - never finished loading the attachment.

Next tried YouSendIt but after five hours still hadn't loaded. It now seems YSI and similar have a 2GB per file limit.

I can transfer the VHS to digital again though it's a hassle. Two questions:

Any suggestions on how to do this?

Secondly how can I avoid the problem in the future?

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Maybe the HD is formatted to FAT32 - that has a 4GB file size limit.

Yes that was the problem. Apparently most, perhaps all, pen drives and EHDs are formatted to FAT32 to ensure any idiot (me!) can use them. I always thought NTFS was for more "techy" folk than me.

Formatted to NTFS and it worked immediately.

cheers learnt quite a lot today searching around about NTFS

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