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[Archived] Ipod Nano 1st Gen. Safety recall and free upgrade.

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Hi Folks

Thought I'd share this with you all...

Apple have identified a battery fault in their 1st Generation Ipods (Black or White fronts with a silver back) and are offering certain batches a free upgrade. If your Ipod was made between Sept 2005 and Dec 2006 (which is a lot of ipods) you can send it back to Apple and they will send you a replacement. The like for like is the new Ipod Nano 8GB version, so it's an upgrade really.

If you have an old Ipod, go to the link below and put your serial number in (on the back), if it then asks you for a shipping address your Ipod is part of the recall and you'll get an upgrade within 60 days.


If you have an old Ipod worth a try as there's a good chance you'll be part of the recall, I was.


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Massive thanks to the OP for this! I have an old 1 gig IPOD Nano bought in early 2006 stuffed into the glove box of the car linked to the stereo, checked the serial number and it qualifies for a replacement to the 8 gig version.

Once again, cheers!

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