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[Archived] Eric Black


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Wow, Keys and Gray have all the big stars flocking to be interviewed, don't they? And as for advertisement, incredible. Pretty much all of the fans of the club Black was last at, and who he briefly managed, had no idea he was even being interviewed. I'm not even sure I'm interested in what Black has to say - regardless of his brief half-decent stint as caretaker manager he was part of the problem and I'm glad he's gone.

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They talked a lot about his career as a player at Aberdeen under Ferguson, beating Bayern and Madrid on the way to winning the Cup Winners Cup.

I listened to it as I was off today but can't remember much of what he said. He was very complimentary towards Rovers as a club, the people, fans and history etc.....Andy Gray approved when Black mentioned our proud history.

He did mention a couple of things concerning Kean that slightly annoyed me but it was nothing too bad, I mean I would've remembered if it was.

I don't mind Black, people in football never speak out against their employers, they have a mortgage etc and you never know what the future might bring. He did alright as caretaker and I wish him well in the future.

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