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[Archived] Media Watch -> Tell me why … the English football authorities keep buck-passing the Blackburn farce « Sporting Intelligence

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Well I'm thoroughly depressed.

It seems that the only way to rid us of Venkys is for every fan to do what a fan must never do, and what will never happen.

Turn their back on the club.


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One day it will all be sorted........

All this has made me completely lose faith in the authorities, especially, as they've let a founder member fall down like this.

Granted, we aren't the first- but why it's been allowed to happen time and again to clubs is ridiculous.

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Excellent piece by Ian Herbert... It really is distressing to see how far our great club has fallen under the stewardship of these idiots from Pune.

I was hoping there may have been some fruit bourne by Mr Mullens visit to the footballing authorities, but it just seems they are turning deaf ears on us :(

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