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[Archived] Reviews on a Facebook LIKE page

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I've recently set up a Facebook for my new business (http://www.facebook.com/ewoodprogrammeshop) selling Rovers programmes and its gone a lot better than anticipated - so much so, that I'm now receiving orders before I've even got all my Rovers related stock uploaded!

The question I have is that, I have the option for people buying programmes to leave a review of their customer experience and was wondering how I get them to do so?

I'll upload a picture of how it appears on the page, as I think its only viewable from a PC / laptop / tablet but not mobile phone.

Any advise people can provide would be very much welcomed!

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Include a with compliments slip with the package with the details of how to leave a review or like, maybe also include an offer of 5/10% off next purchase as an incentive. Or depending how you see it growing invest in some cheap giveaway (fridge magnets etc) with your web address on that you can include with purchases.

Found that people appreciate nice little surprises when they receive their purchases (regardless if they only cost you pennies) and good for repeat custom, and reviews. Remember to build it into your sale price and tax deductible (but I think you will already know that) :)

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