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Rover Chants


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I've a Scouse friend (no he hasn't nicked anything off me...yet) who loves to regale me with chants they roll out when Rovers go to Goodison.

For example:

Heeeeeey Gary

Does yer wife know yer 'eeeeeeeeeere

Now while I find it mildly amusing, I have no idea what chants we roll out on visiting teams/players and the like.

If anyone has a few they could jot down, primarily ones aimed at Everton or their players, that'd be great.

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Not after recent events no biggrin.gif

meh...I'm just getting a little tired of the anti-Souey brigade, picking at EVERY single little thing he does and spinning it into something he did wrongly....Didn't mean to shat on you, just getting disappointed that there are so many Souey detractors on here...

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You are a scouser

A dirty Scouser

Your only happy

on Giro day.

your mum is stealing

your dads drug dealing

so please dont take, my hubcaps


You only sing when your stealing.....

thats awesome...any more anti-Everton songs/chants?

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