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Championship Trivia Quiz

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Championship Trivia Quiz

1.  Which Swansea player is rated 4th best in the Championship by whoscored.com .......unsurprisingly after watching his performance against us! 

2.  Who is the highest rated Rover?

3. There are only 3 more Rovers in the top 100; who are they?

4.  What is our position in the “form table” (last 6 matches)?

5.  Dack and Armstrong lead our goalscoring chart but who is in 3rd place?

6.  Who is rated our worst player (has to have played Fairly regularly)?

7.  Which 2 Rovers made it into the Championship “team of the week” (based on Bristol performance)?

8.  One player made it into the “team of the month”. Who?

9.   Which Rover has the highest successful pass rate....84.2%?

10. Which two players have 4 assists to their names?


1. Ayew 7.41, 2.  Adarabioyo (41st out of 343) with a rating 7.05, 3. Lenihan 78th, Williams 89th, Downing 94th, 4. Top, 5. Williams with 3 goals, 6. Graham 335th with rating 6.23, 7. Bell and Johnson, 8. Downing, 9. Travis, 10. Downing and Bennett

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Hmmm! 21 views in the hour since I posted. Thank you. But I would welcome some interaction. How about posting your score - if you dare! Remember Santa doesn’t visit if you’re untruthful!

Multiple part questions have multiple marks. E.g. Q3 has 3 marks, Q10 has 2 etc.

I make that a maximum of 14!

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33 minutes ago, philipl said:

1, 3, 4,  5, 7, 9 and 10 right

You did better than me! I was surprised by the Graham and Travis answers.

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