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  1. Riversider28


    You know as well as I do what the thread is really about. I just find it irritating that someone comes on and actually “brags” about being on the pitch thinking it’s acceptable.
  2. Riversider28


    You are actually admitting to being on the pitch? Thanks very much for spoiling the day for myself and everyone else who wasn’t so selfish. Perhaps you’d like to hand yourself in to the police so they can ban you from Ewood.
  3. Riversider28

    ROVERS v qpr

    A round of applause for our “bench” keeper. He might not have had too much to do, but it’s a clean sheet at the end of the day. Are you doubters watching. 😃
  4. Riversider28

    ROVERS v qpr

    Well played young Ben. That should keep the doubters quiet for a while 😀
  5. Riversider28

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    Good comments. It’s all the more disappointing when we turn out the same team that sent the Yorkshire puddings packing on Saturday.
  6. Riversider28

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    We go one up and then for the remainder of the first half tip tap the ball about getting nowhere. We had, at the time, a very poor Swansea there for the taking. We are not good enough to play possession football, but we showed last Saturday that we can create chances, and goals, with more direct play. It took until we were 2-1 down before we began to move forward with some determination. We were unlucky not to go 2-2 before we got caught out with a sucker punch. I agree that there were again some strange substitutions, positional choices made by Tony and we sadly let 3 valuable points slip away. Anyway, let’s move on and hope for an improved performance next match.
  7. Riversider28

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    I live just outside Chester and AA route finder says 3 hrs 52 mins. Still a better option than the M6, especially Jcts 19-16.
  8. Riversider28

    Championship 2018-19

    Your final comment about my final comment wasn’t necessary as I was merely trying to say to those supporters that they are missing out on some of the most positive football we’ve seen at Ewood for a long, long time. Most of what you said before has also been debated at length in other threads too.
  9. Riversider28

    Championship 2018-19

    Promotion? Really, I think the celebration drinks you must have had on Saturday night are still affecting your judgement. Yes, we all would love our team to get back to the Premiership, but this journey is only just getting started. A better choice of words might be consolidation. I personally think the Championship is a great league to be playing in. Almost all the teams have previously played in the top league and the results are so unpredictable, it makes, for me at least, great entertainment. We have more than held our own so far this season and if we continue to gain points like we have until the New Year, who knows, Venkys might just give Tony a few more rupees to help consolidate our position for the second half of the season. Let's enjoy this roller coaster ride, but not get ahead of ourselves and keep making progress. Just a plea to the boycotters, get yourselves back down to Ewood. I don't expect you to forgive Venkys, but our team needs as much support as possible if we are eventually going back to the Premiership. COYB
  10. Riversider28

    Ben Brereton

    Perhaps next time you should sit on the Riverside to get a better view. There were plenty on there who saw him play well, considering he was playing out of position.
  11. Riversider28

    Ben Brereton

    I agree with your comments roversfan99, that posters on here have the right to offer their opinions, my main concern was about the way some people just seem to jump on the "let's slag off Brereton" bandwagon. These "supporters " need to look at the bigger picture and, as I said previously, trust in Tony. The lad clearly still has a lot to learn, but I am sure he will come good in the weeks and months to come. We should not be getting ahead of ourselves and thinking we are Premiership material now. Brereton is one for the future, alongside others who will be brought into the club as we make progress towards our ultimate goal.
  12. Riversider28

    Ben Brereton

    I really am sick and fed up of the amount of negative comments/snipes aimed at this young lad. How many of you moaners were at Ewood today? If you were, you should have seen a young lad working his socks off in a position he clearly isn't suited to. However, he did what was asked of him and there were plenty of us on the Riverside who appreciated his efforts. It would appear that just because he is carrying the weight of a £7 million tag, he should be setting the world on fire from day one. He is just a kid still learning his trade and if Tony feels that is where he should have played today we have to accept it. In case some of you "experts" have forgotten, we won today thanks to a tremendous effort by ALL the players. In Tony we trust.
  13. Riversider28


    I live a 90 minute drive away from Ewood. I pick my daughter up in Notlob on the way, so it is not an exaggeration to say that some supporters will have to leave home straight after breakfast to get to the match for a 12 noon ko. I am personally fed up with all these kick off changes and it does sometimes prevent me from attending home games. The red button now makes it easier to take the easy option and just sit on the sofa without the hassle of organising my day. Only 90 minutes of my life needs to be taken up by my passion, but it sucks because there is no atmosphere, banter, catching up with your mates etc. sat at home. Over the years I have come to, reluctantly, accept that fans are way down the pecking order in this money obsessed football world when opinions are asked for and I genuinely fear for the future of football as a whole, not just my beloved team. I will always follow Rovers, as I have done for well over the past 50 years, but maybe not in the flesh every game.
  14. Riversider28

    Ewood Virtual Tour

    I think I'm right in saying that if you open the door fully it blocks out the Burnley plaque. A little childish, I know, but how it should be.
  15. Riversider28


    Just time to climb down off the ceiling and then off to Bournemouth who have just been smashed by the Dingles !!

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