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  1. AW17

    Norwich Away KO change

    Has anybody got any idea how many tickets have been sold for this? Can't imagine it is many, have seen that we have sent some back to Norwich.
  2. AW17

    Speaking Behind Hands

    Sadly people do care, and if they were seen to say something bad they would be punished probably. Unfortunately, they live in a world where they can't even fart without people showing interest. Also there pay is completely irrelevant too this whole post.
  3. AW17

    Hull away

    I bet a lot of people go on see none on the website and never bother to call the ticket office to check. It is a strange way of doing things.
  4. AW17

    Hull away

    Did you buy it online? They limit the amount of tickets online for some strange reason.
  5. AW17

    Hull away

    Exactly right, I was hoping it wouldn't fade so quickly but unfortunately it has. Back to taking 300 places.
  6. AW17

    Hull away

    Don't think tickets are selling well for this one can still buy tickets for £18.00

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