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  1. whats the conspiracy with souness and selling dunn to brum? i dont live in the uk so missed this bit of info obviosuly wasnt on all the websites!! it b a shame if we get sone in over bung enquiries cos of GS, what a tosser.. i just read also that some one has reported rovers to PFA over the Hignett deal, apparently 75K was transfered to some agent in monaco!! however in the article it also says that thios agent was asked by BRFC to try to sell 4 players so course he'd have to b paid for his services no?
  2. ya i agree in 1 way, but it was not that bad as we got the biggest transfer fee for a player at the time so in that sense it was good business 15 mill, if he hadnt left then; all clubs would have kept coming in for him until eventualy he;d have left us anyway so the money we received was good business under those circumstances. how often do u c good players go on strike or sulk these days so they can leave the club and end up going for much less than they could have cos the mnager is fed up with them etc?
  3. Hello! I just wanted peoples opinions on what/who they thought was rovers worst player transfer activity? Players left who shouldnt have, players who left and got good, players who come in who are kak but meant to be good(ie amoruso, well thats GS!), good players who've left for hardly any money etc etc... Ive got my opinion, but ill wait till later to see if anyone thinks the same as me.. thanks
  4. 5th place last season was 16 goals, i think its in Benni to get around 16 goals.. HOPEFULLY MORE!! Thierry Henry Arsenal 27 Ruud van Nistelrooy Man Utd 21 Darren Bent Charlton 18 Robbie Keane Tottenham 16 Frank Lampard Chelsea 16 Wayne Rooney Man Utd 16 Marlon Harewood West Ham 14 Craig Bellamy Blackburn 13 Aiyegbeni Yakubu Middlesbrough 13 Henri Camara Wigan 12 Didier Drogba Chelsea 12 Collins John Fulham 11 Ahmed Mido Tottenham 11 James Beattie Everton 10 Hernan Crespo Chelsea 10 Also, I have a mate who supports Benfica (Portugal) and I asked him if Benni was ever top scorer in Portugal.. He just said to me 'dont worry, Benni will bang them in' lets hope for gods sake that benni and roberts tear up the premiership just like roberts and camara did last season!!!
  5. why on earth are we talking about american football in this perticular thread??? pls start your own thread to dicuss this stuff.. thanks
  6. sorry why?? who are u?? do u work here?? well sorry for annoying u!! what do i need to push then?? i push reply quote!! and to reply to many in 1 is very hard considering they are all dispersed!! sorry i do not know the etiquette!!! pfff
  7. basically!!! this is a game we have to b up for!! for the souness effect and for bellamy!!! now with it all going wrong for them at the mo and none of their first midfield available, and the fact that they play bramble in defence!! we really should b favourates!!! if we loose this, or draw a lame game!! ill b soooo dissapointed!! good luck boys
  8. ya i guess if wanna use 5 mids, and 1 striker, get rid of moekena for bentley for sure!!! but moekana does a job that they wouldnt ( as in they more attacking) plus i want 2 strikers for once dammit!! if not then go back to 5 mids!!
  9. definately bentley on for emerton but id say bellamy and kuqi and jansen as a sub!!! playin bentley for emerton maybe will make emerton imrpove a little!!
  10. he said on roversworld interview that he told the ref: 'see the bolton fans are even laughing at you' cos we had 2 players trying to take the ball off okacha but okacha had clearly put it out!!! with all the bolton fans laughing at the decision!!! is that worthy of a yellow for savage!!! i mean i always see players telling the ref to f off!!
  11. GREAT TO KNOW!!! ok he aint all that!! but im glad we got him... and remember he aint back to full fitness just yet!!! not the best, but id say kinda consistant and my welsh boyo raves bout him even when i say that he is wrong!! so lets try to keep the faith yall! !
  12. my welsh mate bangs on about his free kiks and how good they are!!! so lets hope they get better!! another thing MGP crosses ive found aint been all that this season1! bit wayward!! did u c bentleys first pass!! was just a normal swinging cross but no mistakes from him and getter crossing!!!
  13. great post as usual!! thanks loads!! I got a real feeling that we will take this 1 and then as this fan said: sounesss out!! wow that b sooo good if loosing to us made this happen!!! hahaah serves him right for leavin like that ( even though loved him all the way up till the end of the season b4 he left us) so just wanted to say!! I think we have a great chance with shearer not at his best and owen not on form!! then parker,emre and luque arnt even there!! and souness loves bramble!! hahahaha great news for us!! also did yall c the newcastle game vs man u!!! boumsong was responsible for 2 goals and his defending on those 2 goals was sooooooooooo bad!!!! LETS DO IT!!!
  14. if u say the 2nd half was frustrating, i hope u mean cos we didnt score to win it!! cos 2nd half when we made subs, IMO we were awesome, MGP or not!!!
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