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  1. Also, for those who like The Wire, check out Homicide: Life on the Streets, especially the early seasons.
  2. A decent one is Rescue Me, with Denis Leary - when it is brilliant it is one of the best things on TV, but it's not always brilliant. 7th and final series begins in the US tonight.
  3. Breaking Bad - currently the best show on TV, about a chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, so starts cooking meth. The Shield - Great US cop show, watch the first episode and if you don't like it, don't bother, but you should like it. I'm currently watching it all the way through for a 3rd time. Rescue Me - About a firefighter in NYC, has had its ups and downs, but overall a quality show. Final series starts in 8 days.
  4. Every time I see your Avatar I think of that Star Wars destruction.

  5. First 80% of it was great, the last 20% was crap.
  6. Agree - was very surprised with how much I enjoyed it. Speaking of Blu Ray, they've finally release Apocalypse Now on it - brilliant film, one of my favourite openings ever.
  7. Best product ever. Scroll over all of the photos of it as well. Linky, Linky
  8. Have seen them at the carvery we tend to eat lunch at in Dublin.
  9. Gone Baby Gone is based on a Dennis Lehane novel, the same author that did Mystic River. As a huge fan of Lehane, I think Affleck did a much better job capturing the essence of the story and characters than Eastwood did with Mystic River.
  10. The new Ian Rankin novel, The Complaints, fits the bill for fast and good.
  11. Literature degree. Have read it several times.
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