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  1. Also, for those who like The Wire, check out Homicide: Life on the Streets, especially the early seasons.
  2. A decent one is Rescue Me, with Denis Leary - when it is brilliant it is one of the best things on TV, but it's not always brilliant. 7th and final series begins in the US tonight.
  3. Breaking Bad - currently the best show on TV, about a chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, so starts cooking meth. The Shield - Great US cop show, watch the first episode and if you don't like it, don't bother, but you should like it. I'm currently watching it all the way through for a 3rd time. Rescue Me - About a firefighter in NYC, has had its ups and downs, but overall a quality show. Final series starts in 8 days.
  4. First 80% of it was great, the last 20% was crap.
  5. Agree - was very surprised with how much I enjoyed it. Speaking of Blu Ray, they've finally release Apocalypse Now on it - brilliant film, one of my favourite openings ever.
  6. Best product ever. Scroll over all of the photos of it as well. Linky, Linky
  7. Have seen them at the carvery we tend to eat lunch at in Dublin.
  8. Gone Baby Gone is based on a Dennis Lehane novel, the same author that did Mystic River. As a huge fan of Lehane, I think Affleck did a much better job capturing the essence of the story and characters than Eastwood did with Mystic River.
  9. The new Ian Rankin novel, The Complaints, fits the bill for fast and good.
  10. Literature degree. Have read it several times.
  11. Apocalypse now is finally coming out on Blu Ray next month. A movie that's been crying out for the format - what a visually stunning film.
  12. Just bought a set of 4 spaghetti westerns with Clint, including these for 8 quid at Sainsburys - looking forward to watching. I think I have one or two of the top 20 left to go.
  13. Wouldn't say an easy read, but not full of heavy symbolism, either. Straight forwardly written, but long and involved is probably the best way to describe.
  14. Loving my commute, probably reading 2 books or so a week. Mostly crime novels (most swapped for the cost of postage through the site I often shill: www.readitswapit.co.uk). Of all I've read, I'd say RJ Ellory's A Quiet Belief in Angels is one of the great "American" novels I've ever read. I put American in quotes because, while it is a sweeping first person narrative written from the point of view of an American in the south, Ellory is English. The book follows a man from childhood through adulthood who grows up in a small farming town where young girls are getting murdered. It's about his life, which ends up revolving around writing and trying to figure out who the killer is. The quality of the book is less in the mystery side and much more in following the growth of the character. Followed up with his A Simple Act of Violence, which is just as well written, but not as good. It follows a string of murders in Washington DC of women who have no verifiable life histories. It's the kind of book that thumps you over the head with the political point it is trying to make (and succeeding, to be fair). Moving on with the Ell... authors, have been reading most of the James Ellroy novels that I haven't read already. Ellroy is most known for writing LA Confidential, which was turned into an excellent film. He write about the darker sides of American life and crime. Most recently read American Tabloid, which focuses on cold war America and the rise of the Kennedys, plus the CIA's involvement in Cuba. A great, sweeping novel with interesting characters (always a staple in his novels). Interesting interview with him here:
  15. If you ever make it to Boston, Mass, go to Sam Lagrassas. I still salivate thinking about their sandwiches. Really wish I could find a good chicken salad sandwich around here (by chiken salad, think egg salad with chicken instead of egg). For London, my volleyball group goes to a different ethnic restaurant each month. Last month was hosted at Cafe Wanda in Clapham by a Polish friend. It was one of the better meals the Mrs and I have had since moving here: http://www.london-eating.co.uk/2954.htm
  16. Leon wasn't as big in the States (was actually called something else). Shawshank is one I just never got around to seeing. Not quite living in a cave, as I've seen more than half of the top 250.
  17. Saw Leon this weekend - brilliantly acted film. Up to 42 of the IMDB top 50 with Shawshank to be watched in the next few weeks.
  18. Looks like a crap story with good effects.
  19. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed that movie.
  20. More a catering service than a takeaway, from the looks of it.
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