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  1. Froome has done the business and joins a select group of nine (now ten) riders to win two+ Tours. Heroic, and sad that the French can only spit at him and search for reasons to discredit him. We're on the 6.10am Flybe flight to Paris tomorrow morning to celebrate a fantastic British sporting achievement. #AllezTeamSky #VaVaFroome
  2. There has been a series of shambolic decisions by those at the top of the ECB. The whole preparation for the World Cup, sticking with Cook for far too long, then booting him far too late to make any difference - when the avowed intent had been to have the best possible preparation - was a joke. They shunted whole Test series' around the calendar, but by their own incompetence managed to create so much chaos before the tournament that the early exit was inevitable, and totally self-inflicted. And even now the chaos continues. Regardless of KP and how that's been handled. I find it astonishing that the best available candidate for Director of Cricket is someone who just three years ago was still in the dressing room, and that his vice captain when he left is the current captain and a close friend. Given Cook's fluctuations in form as a batsman and shortcomings as a captain, that cannot be a healthy situation either for their friendship, or for England's prospects this summer. Add into the mix that Strauss has already booted Peter Moores and now has to appoint the next coach and it becomes even less healthy. And now this KP fiasco makes that process much more difficult. What if they decide that (eg) Gillespie is the best man for the job, he turns up and says "I'll take the job only if I can influence selection, and I want to be able to select KP"? Do they do an embarrassing U-turn, or do they move down their shortlist and end up with a coach who was never the preferred option? And the Strauss-Cook axis already undermines whoever might take that poisoned chalice of a head coach role, everyone can see that the incoming coach will be pitched into the centre of an existing close relationship half of which is his new boss. KP's column this morning suggests that Strauss is untouchable come what may this summer - who of any quality will want to take on the Aussies, to sit on the England balcony / face the media / take the flak for 25 days when apparently the job title could be Chief Scapegoat as much as Head Coach. To finish on the subject of the Ashes. Most fans will have paid north of 70 quid each to watch a single day of Ashes cricket - that in itself as a result of ECB greed, forcing venues to bid ever higher amounts to host Test cricket. 70 quid is quarter of a season at Ewood Park! If England performances are not up to scratch then there will be a lot of unhappy punters. The KP saga might be the tip of the iceberg and the trigger that sets some people off, but the natural targets for any Ashes failure are already putting themselves on their pedestals ready to be shot at.
  3. Fantastic shout that. Went to the Strawbury Duck tonight on the back of this post - 7 minutes on the train from Darwen - and it was great. Last time I went (3 or 4 years ago), it was still owned by Cains brewery, and the trouble the brewery was in was reflected in their pub. They struggled to put a ham sandwich together, Tonight the food was spot on, the menu offers lots of choice and they've even got their own farm at Belmont ... you can't bring the food miles down any more than that! Definitely recommended.
  4. Not been reading the MB because on holiday, but just seen the above posts so here are some shots from the roadside here in France / Switzerland of Brad heading into yellow ... Stage 6 / Stage 7 Stage 8 ... and Stage 9 (the time trial yesterday - he was going so quick I missed most of him)
  5. I'm in your neck of the woods just now, for Iron Maiden at the Pru Centre in Newark on Monday night - supported by Alice Cooper. Really looking forward to both, here for Maiden but can't complain about the support act. When I came through immigration at EWR airport the other night the officer gave me some grief cos I'd slept all the way over so hadn't filled in a customs form, so I got sent to the back of the line to complete the form. When he called me back he said "purpose of visit?" .... I said "Iron Maiden Monday night". He just looked at me and asked "you seen Alice Cooper before son?" ... "no"... he slammed the admission stamp down on my passport, handed it back and just said "Welcome to My Nightmare". Class! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welcome_to_My_Nightmare
  6. There's a great (and fantasatic value for money) Burmese restaurant 5 minutes walk from where you're staying - several awards (including in 2009 Time Out London All Time Cheap Eats award) - would advise you book but can certainly recommend Mandalay at 444 Edgware Road. 5 minutes further on around the corner on Clifton Road is Raoul's Maida Vale ... much cheaper than you will have paid in Mayfair or elsewhere in the centre of town and very good quality. Especially recommended for breakfast / brunch or a lunchtime snack (see their daytime menu).
  7. FC Nurnberg v FC Koln last Saturday in the Bundesliga ... Surely it's time for the football authorities in England to look at this again after so many years. Especially when rugby league or rugby union games (even if played at football grounds) are not subject to the same restrictions. The world has moved on since the Football Offences Act 1991 - but at any football match in England - even behind glass in a box or lounge - it remains an offence to drink beer anywhere in view of the pitch. They even draw curtains in the boxes at most grounds, so there is a "back" area where you can retreat to have a sup, leave your beer on the hidden table, and go back through the curtain to watch the game again. Yet in Germany, every punter in every stadium can buy pints (OK half-litres) of the local brew without even leaving their seats.
  8. As Tom said, it's 69 quid for 8 courses and 89 for 12 courses. And to quote Jay Raynor's Observer review "the wine list doesn't make you feel like you are being punished for a nameless crime" ... we got through a white and a red, both excellent and both under #25. I suppose the interesting comparison is with other restaurants in the same class, ie those listed in the 2012 Good Food Guide top 10 - 8 of them lower down the list than L'Enclume. The equivalent menu in Blumenthal's joint (1st place) will set you back #180. Gordon Ramsey (number 4) will take 125 quid for 7 courses, and down at number 6, Raymond Blanc's 9 courses will cost #150. Didn't even dare look at their wine lists! I suppose you pay a premium for a combination of TV appearances and location south of Watford Gap. Sat Bains in Nottingham is also a reasonable 89 for 10 courses and listed at 3 ... one to visit as well I think. It was interesting overhearing other diners last Friday ... people had driven up from Bedford and Oxford just to eat in Cartmel. I guess it's worth the petrol money! We also stayed over in one of the cheaper rooms which was 99 quid, but as you get to eat breakfast back in the restaurant again it's probably worth it. The pub a couple of doors down does B+B for 60 quid midweek / 90 quid weekends.
  9. Earlier this year I qualified for a long service award from work. We cashed it in on Friday night at L'Enclume in Cartmel. The best restaurant meal I have ever eaten. 12 courses full of imagination, with tastes and textures that you just don't expect. Every ingredient that can be, is from their own local farm and garden. I love Northcote and I love what Nigel Haworth has done there and I love his pubs, but this is a step up from Northcote ... and that is saying something. You just couldn't make a Northcote menu stretch to 12 courses and still be enjoyable. It's a different level of food at L'Enclume. Cartmel is only an hours drive from Blackburn so if you are looking for a truly amazing meal for a special occasion, think about this place. The Good Food Guide 2012 rates it the second best restaurant in the UK. Personally I'm just as happy at the Anaz in Darwen or El Rincon in Manchester, because they are brilliant restaurants and I will eat at both until the day I can't eat any more. But God or fate has put L'Enclume a few miles up the road, so I'm just going to say it's absolutely amazing and encourage anyone who can justify it, to go and eat there. DT review ... Observer review
  10. Inspirals are playing in Manchester on Saturday 24th March 2012, the day we play Bolton at the Reebok. Details here ...
  11. Welcome to the El Rincon fan club MarkBRFC71. Further proof that this thread is better than any other online restaurant guide!
  12. Dales win 5 North West awards ... (LET) Champion Pork Sausage, Lamb/Beef sausage, Hot Pie, Black Pudding and Pork Pie.
  13. To be fair, we were north of the border this weekend, and last night (and breakfast this morning) ate in a real gem of a place. It's a bit of a trek and off the beaten track, but worth the journey. Scottish restaurant of the year 2009, Good Pub Guide dining pub of the year 2010, Michelin guide, Good Food Guide 2012, etc etc - and in a stunning location.
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