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  1. Oh yeah, I don't expect him to at all. For the pay off reason, and because maybe he thinks he can genuinely turn things around. Just a shame after bringing the fans together so much that I imagine it's all going to end badly. For everyone involved.
  2. Mowbray has been decent manager, but clearly taken us as far as he can now. If he's the decent man a lot of fans believe him to be then he needs to have his resignation in first thing in the morning before things sour even further.
  3. Thought I recognised this picture from a book of old photos of Blackburn I have. I can't seem to upload a picture of the page it comes from but the book is 'Blackburn since 1900' and is a collection of photo's from the telegraph. Anyway, the caption underneath the photo says: 'November 1946 and a lightening stoppage halts the buses and trams. But this group of Rovers fans used shank's pony to get to Ewood where Liverpool were the visitors'. A quick google has the result at 0-0.
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