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  1. Walton is one of the worst keepers to wear the Rovers shirt. Would say that only maybe Fettis has been worse in my time supporting Rovers. I’d say even that clown Steele was better.
  2. Wonder what bullsh1t our great leader will spout at 8pm about how it is justified to destroy lives and smash the economy to bits and send half the population into loneliness and depression to halt the spread of bad flu. 11 covid deaths yesterday after all. Or could it be part of a bigger plan for the great reset or new world order. But I better stop before I get called a covid denier or conspiracy theorist. After all we should just follow the rules and submit to the state and put our masks on. Still waiting to hear about that second wave in China. Still waiting...
  3. Yeah they are And their figures are bogus too. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8755481/Are-governments-scary-graphs-bad-seem.html
  4. When did I say hoax or denied it existed? This is what anyone who questions the draconian measures gets labelled, a covid denier. Just think it’s being manipulated and exploited to push a certain deep state agenda where our every move is controlled and tracked. There are seven times more people dying of flu than covid. The figures that the doomsday brothers trotted out today were way beyond the trajectory of Spain and France and way beyond worst case scenario. They want to frighten people. The vast majority of the mainstream media like the bbc are complicit. You can disagree and that’s fine
  5. I don’t care if it makes sense. I can’t be in two places at once.
  6. You should’ve be on that stage today with those two numptys telling everyone the world was going to end unless we submit to the state controlling our every move. And it has nothing to do with schools opening again.
  7. I think the tap has been turned off all of a sudden. Was only to be expected with the current financial uncertainty, zero revenue etc. Very frustrating. And I think Tony sounds frustrated too. Maybe they’d agreed a Manning deal and then the plug was pulled.
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8751713/David-Mellor-time-stand-virus-like-parents-grandparents-done.html Brilliant commentary from an unlikely source.
  9. 2 hospitalisations from covid at Bolton hospital for all the furore. They always said there would be increased infection rate and transmission rates when schools went back. But now - no mention of it. Blame pubs. Blame youngsters. People don’t give a sh!t anymore because they are fed up with being told what to do. Fed up with being fed the panic fuelling drivel trotted our by the gov and media. What about the mental illness impact on people. The cancer diagnoses being missed or delayed cos people are too frightened to go to hospitals? No mention of that on BBC. Just more sh!te trying to scare
  10. Flipping heck. Head for the underground bunkers. Quick! Maybe read some common sense from this guy before you start with the panic mode. You’ve been watching too much of the BBC and media driven panic obsessed by infection rates and those corrupt (in China’s pocket) WHO with their scary sound bites. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8744063/Septembers-normal-increase-coughs-colds-causing-utter-chaos-post-lockdown-Britain.html
  11. Absolutely. Put those 4 in our team and we’ve got a top six team.
  12. If Gally could stop saying “there’s no doubt about it” that would be a start.
  13. That’s fantastic. Good for you Tony. I’m also clear in my mind about how ridiculously stupid it is to not strengthen our defence window after window.
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