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  1. The enigma that is Moany Toebreak will gurn submissively on the sidelines for this one, that's for sure. It all depends which Reading side turns up - if we face the hapless rabble of two seasons ago we stand a chance (unless TM bigs them up so much that we crumble anyway). If the clinical team that started the great unravelling of our early season optimism last year rocks up, we are doomed to another footballing lesson, and a sinking feeling once again at 5pm Saturday. Either way, it's unlikely to be pretty. Diaz to net. Gally to flounder. Everyone else to make it up as they go along. 1-0 Rovers (Heart) 1-2 Reading (Head) 5-1 Rovers (Hell in a handcart). Mowbray OUT! Waggot OUT! Venkys OUT! Gurning, opposition-bigging-up buffoons OUT!
  2. So, down to 13th and the clueless charade rolls on, complete with arm-wringing, mind-numbing drivel in pre and post-match media sessions, muchos gurning, baffling team selection decisions and a tactical vacuum on the pitch. I see Bruce got an £8million settlement to feck off from the barcodes, courtesy of his rich as Croesus new owners. I wonder what kind of feck-off money is in TM's contract - I would wager it isn't as handsome a lottery strike as the hapless Bruce commanded, which begs a befuddling question about why the Venksters don't just pull the plug on this buffoon and swill him down the bog. Reading up next - they are basically the same team that dismantled Rovers at Ewood in recent games, so perhaps the slide down the league will continue, based on the form of teams underneath us at the moment...there aren't many sides I'd fancy us to beat to be honest - maybe Cardiff (5 losses in a row) or Barnsley (5 losses in a row) but meh, do we really think there are any lights still on at Ewood these days? Mowbray OUT! Venkys OUT! Gurning Cheating Liars OUT!
  3. There was definitely an air of inevitability about last night's result. The more astute amongst us (not me!) have spoken about the Mowbray Death Spiral, as a pattern that is woven inextricably into the manager's modus operandum. I think there is something concrete in that, and the only disappointment is that the concrete isn't a lifejacket taking Mowbray and his cronies to the bottom of a deep ocean. The season plods on. Down to 11th, relegation form on the pitch, dwindling crowds, key players eyeing the exit door... Yup! Sounds like a Gurning Chump's wet dream... Venkys OUT! Mowbray OUT! Gurning cheating liars OUT!
  4. 799 Rovers fans there apparently, out of 11500 crowd. Decent
  5. Ffs Rovers, get him a Spanish speaking personal trainer, pronto & start selling Chile shirts in the club shop - let's reflect the lurv back, whilst we still have BBD il nuevo on our books...
  6. Is it raining in The Chalfonts Tony ? 😄 Ruddy pouring down here in monsoon season, but great weather for cycling to work 💪 Have you got to many games in the smoke recently? Cheers! M
  7. A lot depends on whether the Gurning Chump goes with the team that started against Coventry or the one that finished the game. As it could go either way, I'm going to predict we will score, but we will also concede. Ratio of one t'other I haven't a cuckoo's clue.
  8. Why he bothers with this back three bullshit is way beyond me. I guess we can look forward to counting the cost again at 1650. Baffling! Frustrating! Predictable 😋
  9. His job is 'striker'. He is very much doing his job this season so far, domestically and internationally. Fair fecks to BBD and long may the fairytale continue, especially if it is in the mighty Blue and White shirt of the Rovers.
  10. What a great finish for his goal! He certainly put himself about for 90 minutes, based on those edited highlights. Add another zero to the cheque needed to prise him from the mighty BRFC in January... but on form alone, I'd be astounded if nobody came in for Ben at that point. Will we get our money back? Should we sell in any case? Who knows, but his performance against Paraguay will not have done his stock any harm at all. Viva Diaz!
  11. There is a (marketing) theory that businesses that lose customers due to poor service or defective product can regain and solidify their connection to those lost by identifying the specific causes of dissatisfaction and then over-compensating to ensure the customer feels 'special'. Unfortunately I don't think Waggott or anyone else down Ewood way has actually got any meaningful marketing or management qualifications, hence this band-aid for an arterial bleed approach, which of course is doomed to be a pathetic failure... The only thing that could possibly make a real difference for most disconnected fans at this point would be a sudden and lasting change of fortune on the pitch - the kind of thing that used to have us traipsing all over the place in the glory years of promotion from the 3rd and 2nd Division... What a shame that the gurnmeister demonstrated his complete inability to build and maintain any momentum once again with our two most recent reverses. Get shut of the Moggasaur. New Blood, New Thinking, fans back in their droves... COYB!
  12. Actually, what we can concluded is that the ARE very good at funding at the current level. It's just that no-one has a cuckoo's clue why...
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