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  1. It's the reverse of Tuckman's model here...We have gone from Unconscious Competence to Unconscious Incompetence in our style of play (i.e. the opposite of what normally happens in teams), almost as if someone was doing it on purpose.... I'm pretty sure we (the fans) aren't doing this (toilet planking) to ourselves... Millwall 2 Rovers heads down the bog, again...
  2. A brand new development of the scale and quality being vaguely hinted at by the shysters would be a considerable time from the planning approval to completion, even without taking into account the need to clear the existing site and prepare the ground for the new build. A lot longer than the close season. Which begs the 'elephant in the room's question about "where are the players supposed to train in the interim?" Perhapsthats the real reason they've been destroying the Ewood pitch (what's left of it) since January - to get used to the loss of Brockhall... What a crock. Now wo
  3. My god you sound completely disconnected from the ordinary fan. Your posts regularly suggest you have an agenda to protect the interests of the cosseted ones around Blackburn Rovers. Why don't you keep it in your pants and stop trying to rub others' noses in the abject indecency that has become the norm around Ewood, eh? Unless it is you, Tony's crony?? 😉 Back on topic - 0-1 to Rovers, with 2 players sent off in a bad tempered game.
  4. Please can we have a whip round, and organise a snap game against United? That's what I would call 'Crowd Funding' with a purpose... Better times, I'm afraid 😉
  5. That is the kind of clear, incisive and enlightening analysis that makes the journey on to this message board worthwhile. Thank you for laying out the reality of the situation, that no-one (not even TM) can argue isn't an appalling indictment of the current regime.
  6. We don't see any leadership on the field. The side is completely devoid of character and it is like the players are surprised (and somewhat disturbed) when the ball comes to them, except perhaps young Dolan, who still has a hint of initiative about him. But we don't see cohesion, we don't see communication, we don't see passion, we don't see much in the way of team-work. We just see a relentless adherence to Tony's weird plan - and we all know now for sure that TM is at least one cone short of a training session. We will be lucky to avoid relegation and as it stands we may be in a si
  7. You remind me of a girl in the first year at University, who was a 'committed born again Christian' - she was adamant that the world was created by God 6000 years ago, and the dinosaur bones had been placed in the rocks to give humans something to look at.
  8. Remember in school, when the bigger lad could always hold your head down the toilet (if he wanted to...)
  9. This is how much I care about the game against Reading.. ..I actually thought it was tomorrow evening... Maybe I'd have been better off tuning in then?
  10. Brad was a keeper. Steele was a stealer... Oh, for a team with a BRAD FRIEDEL in it 😉
  11. Erm.. are you going to put your hand in your pocket to pay the fines that would no doubt be levied on any group gathering aimed at registering our displeasure? There's a bit of a lockdown going on, and the prospect of any groups being able to mount a meaningful display of dissent is likely to be outside the current season. Now, if one of us owned a muck-spreader, or knows someone who does, there might be a spectacular little incident possible, if it was to 'break down' whilst running outside the Directors entrance at Ewood..
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