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  1. Most folk in the know wouldn't even stomach an egg poached from Venkys, let alone a manager. Get thee gone, thou gurning cream faced loon.
  2. The Queen smiling as she watches her loyal subject, Ben Brereton-Diaz in the Copa... that'll be the day :)
  3. You don't need any other data than: 1) Is there a Middlesboro connection? 2) Have you given up any ambition of developing your own career as a footballer? 1+2= come on down and sign for the TM gurning car crash show that it looks like next season will be for the once proud club that WE only want the best for.
  4. Chortle! What a pity it will be pished up against the wall of chumps, cronies and journeymen we are supposed to believe are playing for the badge. Having a manager with a track record of dismal failure, a reputation for being asleep at the wheel whilst not giving a fook, and demonstrable skills only in gurning and spouting shite doesn't sound to me like a recipe for anything other than another season of having our heads rammed firmly down the bog. Get the cash for Raya in, but.... Mowbray Out!, Waggot Out!, Cheating Guring Liars OUT!
  5. Begs the question what the fook they are doing here though, doesn't it. What a shambles, what a fustercluck, What a way to run a club into the ground. What a difference we were used to Till the Venkys came to our town. What I'm wondering, in the meantime Is it always stuck like this? What a shambles, what a fustercluck Why on earth do they take the piss?
  6. Stop! You're depressing me ! Don't you know we are already on course for the wettest May on record? 😳
  7. Yes, it was - I missed that in my haste to post something. I agree we've not been a normal club since the Venkmachine rolled into town, though you could argue that the rot had set in some considerable time before they rocked up. I mean, doesn't anyone else remember the dark noises coming from the Walker Trust about the sustainability of the model that Jack had implemented..sloping shoulders that lot!
  8. I'd beg to differ - we were a normal club when we had a conventional management set up, and a footballing side that punched above its weight, rather than this bunch of weirdos who consistently belie their status as professionals (and I include the management as well as the players in that). We can (and should) be 'normal' again, but it is going to take the departure of the headless faceless chicken chokers to precipitate any major change from our 'new normal' (the backwards facing / upside down mentality that has ruined our club for many of us long suffering supporters). Bring on the
  9. That makes very sobering reading 😞 Oh, for a club set up like Leicester City... who if memory serves me correctly, we 'bested' to gain our own entry into the Premier League. Watch it if you dare!
  10. That is a good spot! Conspiracy theorists, on your marks!! Still can't believe I was the only one shouting "Mowbray Out! Waggot Out! Gurning Cheating Liars OUT!!' in the rain 😉
  11. When I was talking to Stuart Caley (Head of Safety at Ewood) at last Saturday's 'protest' I got the distinct impression staff have been told to avoid any comment on what is happening behind the scenes at the Rovers. 'Tight Lipped' is how I'd describe it.. Now, read into that what you will, but clearly 'someone' is pulling the strings down at the club, and it doesn't appear to be anyone from India, in any meaningful operational sense. I suspect that what other posters have suggested is likely the case - that Waggot and Mowbray have stitched up the situation at Blackburn Rovers such that th
  12. Now that would be class, if the gurning fool and his shady sidekick would feck off back to Coventry. Am prepared to send them there myself. More than happy like.
  13. Ho hum, it's just another Marie Antionette let them eat cake scenario for the inordinately stupid billionaires of Pune to wrestle with. I'm sure they've had other fingers burned if they are gullible enough to let £200 million slip through their clucking grasp just on our little vanity project. I mean, when was the last time you dropped £200 million without any acknowledgement that there might be something seriously wrong with your decision making, or someone seeking redress? Baffling, but at the end of the day it is the Loons we are dealing with. What a pity they knew nothing about the me
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