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  1. Dont really want to argue but we are thoroughly deserving of being top. Nobody has taken more points off teams in the top half. Our goal difference is 2nd to WBA, but our goals to conceded ratio is the best, we have the 4th best attack 2nd best defence, WBA have the best attack but 3rd worst defence of the top 12. Whether we can keep it up i dont know, but considering the injuries we have had and still be top have to wonder how we would have done without those injuries.
  2. You were very good at Ewood Park, said you were the 1st team i felt deserved to beat us, now WBA are the 2nd. Imo if you had beat us it would have been thoroughly undeserved yesterday. The free kick in particular was terrible keeping and the pen was stupidity, in open play you offered 0 threat, defended well tbf. Blades are a good team, lack quality individually imo. WBA comfortably the best side we have faced.
  3. I dont mate, i live 2 hours away, dont get to go very often unfortunately. Leon is on here i think, he is a season ticket holder, not sure where he sits.
  4. Thats not what you did at Ewood Park tbf, very defensive yesterday imo, bit to much.
  5. Thought you were very poor in open play tbh, Dack aside you had little threat. Was confused by your formation as i thought 3 of your back 4 were cbs? Bell played really well at left back at Ewood Park, Armstrong was brilliant on the left wing that day, not sure why you changed that. Finally imo you dropped far to deep after you scored, odd you left nobody up top. Definitely wont get relegated though, not the worst team we have played this season at all.
  6. Hello Rovers fans. Merry Xmas for tomorrow ? Usually I'd make a new thread but given the time of year and people generally being busy i didn't see the point. Looking forward to the boxing day game, a chance to get our own back hopefully.
  7. No complaints. First game this season i havent felt we deserved something from or a win when we drew. You were better organised, worked harder, won the 50/50s and kept your shape so well out of possession. Made the most of 2 set pieces and that was enough. Adam Armstrong was excellent, had both our full backs on toast. Until Jack Clarke came on we had nobody willing to run at a full back like Armstrong. Good luck for the rest of the season
  8. net spend was about £3mil, total was about £11mil, so no not really. Both our money signings wont play against you anyways, typical ?
  9. Didnt reject Barcelona but was a popular candidate, Lionel Messi wanted him, but Bielsa wouldnt leave Bilbao, its all true lol can be checked if so inclined. Argentina would have been what, 14 years ago now, so yeah it was then apparently for Madrid. Its trueeeeeeeeeeeee?
  10. We had chances especially against Birmingham though, balance of play we battered them, just wernt clinical. Hard to judge us really recently, it would be like judging you if you hadnt had Bradley Dack, Danny Graham and Charlie Mulgrew playing for the last 6 or 7 games for example. Im hopeful but nervous, now i know Mulgrew is playing to.
  11. He is famously picky and very inflexible, he wants total control and wont be dictated to and if he in any way feels that a job isnt right he wont take it. Turned down the Argentina job in 2016, left Lazio after he found out they lied to him, Told West Ham most of there squad wernt good enough when interviewed for there job. Was one of the favourites amongst the Barcelona bosses after Pep left, and they did end up giving it to one of his many disciples Tata Martino. Inter Milan wanted him when he was at Bilbao. And he rejected Real Madrid shortly after leaving Argent
  12. Thought you were good in the game i saw, quite a fan of Bradley Dack and Adam Armstrong from his Coventry time. We have played well in every game really, but lacked a bit of a clinical touch in recent games. Sheffield Wednesday and Millwall especially were very frustrating because we should have won. Neither of us are troubling the top 6 of the form table atm as you say, both need to get back to form. Quite excited, international breaks are very dull?
  13. Oh alright, i wasnt sure which it was. You have now, I'm very peaceful? I hope you dont turn up then, because we need the points, good opportunity for us this weekend to go back top if results go our way. Our form hasnt been sparking either recently tbf so you never know.
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