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  1. Invested heavily in both the £3 million a year for the thriving academy, and the brilliant support this season in the transfer market.
  2. They made a mistake but stuck around to make things right. And supported is in the transfer market in a time of great trouble. I applaud the Venkys.
  3. Elliot goes missing and doesn't put himself about. I would almost pick Dolan ahead of him
  4. Bennet was poor and Pike excellent. No favour should he given to any player not cutting the mustard. I would like to see JRC in midfield.
  5. The new city lad will be cover for Lenihan mostly. Pike should make the squad at some point. Yes, the Buckley thing is daft. He has great vision but still looks like a boy; Pike is a man.
  6. Am not a fan of it. You'll be mentioning Last of the Summer Wine next. Lol!
  7. He has played right back more than midfield; angered folk like me that could see Nyambe was infinitely better.
  8. I'm well aware of where Benno was playing ineffectively tonight, while pike was class. I wasn't being critical of you, hopefully you will have the intellectual capacity to work that out Pike should be RB cover in the first team imo. Benno should not be in the squad.
  9. You.diidn't. But you mentioned Benno and he plays right back often; Pikes position.
  10. Pike was absolutely brilliant from start to finish imo.
  11. Pike looked a real quality player tonight imo. Vale and McBride very decent too.
  12. 100 Percent! Pike looks like he would give Nyambe a run for his money. He has everything; tackles, can head, pass, is quick, and is energetic.
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