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  1. Seems those in Hartlepool have much more faith in our team than our supporters. A top 10 should be possible indeed; hopefully more: https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/sport/football/middlesbrough-fc/how-valuable-is-current-middlesbrough-squad-and-how-does-it-compare-to-league-rivals-stoke-city-and-blackburn-rovers-championship-clubs-ranked-by-total-squad-value-3367528?page=4
  2. Yeah, we have a very solid hard working team. I would be thinking more of a top 10. Possible playoff push if we can keep our key players fit.
  3. Personally I can't wait to see Butterworth and some of our other U23s given a chance. With the limitations I didn't have much faith in Tony bringing in a decent striker.
  4. If you have Buckley as a possible right back JRC has to be down as a possible left back option. Not that I would ever play either in those positions. The Dutchman is also a RB option though.
  5. We already have plenty of those. We have plenty of attacking options.
  6. Glad we didn't make an impulse striker signing..And hopefully Butterworth will get the game time he deserves now.
  7. We have done best having a hard working midfielder as our focal point in attack.
  8. I'd prefer Doyle as our Striker option ahead of those we have been linked with. Looks like the lad can do the lot.
  9. Really not excited about the strikers linked, would rather we gave Butterworth a chance.
  10. You are allowed to say that but it is complete nonsense. JRC is our best player imo. Our form falls away when he is missing.
  11. Invested heavily in both the £3 million a year for the thriving academy, and the brilliant support this season in the transfer market.
  12. They made a mistake but stuck around to make things right. And supported is in the transfer market in a time of great trouble. I applaud the Venkys.
  13. Elliot goes missing and doesn't put himself about. I would almost pick Dolan ahead of him
  14. Bennet was poor and Pike excellent. No favour should he given to any player not cutting the mustard. I would like to see JRC in midfield.
  15. The new city lad will be cover for Lenihan mostly. Pike should make the squad at some point. Yes, the Buckley thing is daft. He has great vision but still looks like a boy; Pike is a man.
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