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  1. Just checked out teamtalk and it mentioned that there were 29k+ on today, does anybody know if rovers sold out there generous allocation?
  2. I might be joining you on that train but its going to be a last minute thing depending on how rough I am from the night before but hopefully I might get a couple of jars and then jump on the train .
  3. I've just been on footy ground guide and it mentioned a few away pubs and beer in the ground. I know there is only a slight chance but does anyone know if these will be open or if they will be serving in the dingle dome ?
  4. Got my tickets and travel - coaches to set off at 11am? What a load of cr4p. Might have to jump on the train so I can enjoy a few bevvies - how far away from the ground is the train staion?
  5. Do they do the England tournament tickets and if so when do they go on sale? I know they are not through yet but I would have thought they would have had some easy to find details on getting these tickets. Can't see how fifa can expect you to stump up the money when you don't know who the hell is playing. China vs Peru anybody ?
  6. Can't wait for this one! Could be considered a bit of a banana skin though , anybody got any idea when the tickets go on sale?
  7. I got the pack a couple of weeks ago and its a bloody rip off! £75 to be a member when you are not even guarunteed a ticket. Looks like I'll be using the black market for around £80 a match.
  8. I got it sorted the other day at a place called the canterbury hotel. Il be getting tanked down Portsmouth on Saturday night. Not looking forward to the open ended stand with the weather as it is at the moment.
  9. Can anybody recommend any hotels or bed n breakfasts which are near to the city centre and the ground and go easy on the wallet?
  10. Can't beat the song - "Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, AndyTodd, Andy Todd, Andy Andy Todd!" To the tune of "baby give it up" - Quality!
  11. The trains from Chorley (preston line) tend to leave every 20 mins on a Saturday. Wouldn't bother with any of the pubs on the Middlebrook as all of them except one inside the bowling alley will request to see your match ticket before entry. Going for a drink around Bolton train station isn't really a good idea but I'd recommend the town centre for a night out. Other than that there's good old chorley for a nice quiet drink !
  12. Have they still got terracing in the away stand? From what I can remember Cardiff can be a half decent night out. SHEEP SHEEP SHEEP SH4GGERS
  13. Im sure i heard "if I had the wings of an angel" coming from the bburn end sometime in the first half but being so bored i could have possibly dreamt it up.
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