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  1. Very sad news at 52. Signed for us at our lowest point, after the Orient game and played at Wembley with us the following season, scoring at PNE to send us on our way. Doesn't seem that long ago.
  2. Anyone notice how fat hooligans have got? Back in the day they were all wiry young men charging around. Now they seem to be podgy, bald 50-somethings, shuffling about in expensive jackets. Half of this lot will have died of coronary failure before the police catch up with them. It's not what it was, I tell thee.
  3. Lancashire United?? No. Nay. Never. I'd sooner we all went bust.
  4. Yup. Pretty much the same as on here. The prices, no atmosphere, defensive tactics adopted by all, life bans for swearing, Sky TV etc. It p***ed me off for a couple of seasons but now I've largely given up on it. I'll come back regularly when all the 'Nick Hornby' fans have gone back to Marks and Spencers on a Saturday afternoon, when the seats have been replaced with terraces and when it costs less to get on the Turf than fly to Rome and back. Being a loyal fan seems to be reliant on a healthy disposable income these days. Well I dont remember seeing many of these prawn sandwich munchers wh
  5. This injury would only be a concern if your manager had decided to put all his eggs in one basket this summer and rather than strengthen a substandard squad, had gone out and blown his entire budget on one over-rated, 'everyone look at me', goofy halfwit. Thankfully Hughesy's far too clued up for that and thus you will be fine. No really, I think this could be better than the Brian Kidd year(s).
  6. Sensitive little darlings aren't we?
  7. I've a bit of time for Todd after his spell at the Turf but he still seems to enjoy his hard-man image. It would be worth noting though Andy, that elbowing someone from behind just after they've made you look a mug again isn't all that tough. Wannabe hard-man (Lily) Savage showed all his credentials by diving in on 18 year old Fabregas as he played the ball. Impressive. Olé..... Olé..... Olé.... ooooooooooooh... Olé
  8. 'R E S P E C T ... find out what it means to me' Means f*** all, chief, so no worries there.
  9. The yawning chasm is between the top three and the rest of English football. The rest are much of a muchness. Of all the teams we've faced at the Turf this season, Rovers and Villa had two of the least threatening forward lines. Dickov, Gallagher and Bothroyd. They're just dross however much you pay 'em and however much you believe that the Premiership is the best in the world.
  10. I know you want all us Dingles to be distraught - it always helps a good celebration but however vexing you find it everyone seems pretty upbeat about it. Not just because to any neutral observer the 'gulf' in class would appear to have diminished markedly. But also because after witnessing a Premiership club in action for 3 hours then the level we need to reach doesn't seem unattainable. All very average indeed. And Robbie Savage really is dreadful. If he maintains that level of performance he'll end up with his dream move to Wrexham soon enough. Think what he'll save on travelling.
  11. The guy from the Burnley Express had it right after the first game... "Last time it really was like a 'Ferrari versus a mini'. This time round it was like two Ford Mondeos" Micah Hyde is a Rolls Royce though. Be grateful you've seen a goal of that quality down at Ewood.
  12. Pick any five from Arsenal. No actually, I'll do it for you... 1. Pires 2. Henry 3. Cole 4. Viera 5. Wenger Last year I was on the Arsenal bandwaggon, they were a pleasure to watch and everyone had to appreciate that they were bloody good. Now they just seem like a bunch of whining, cheating, play acting babies who always go missing when the going gets tough. Their pathetic surrenders to Man Utd at Highbury and against Munich last night shows them up for the showboating sneaky cowards that they are. Plus they're all french, based in London and not even 'invincible' any more.
  13. Tell you what, why not try and fill this thread up with comments about the pitch, excuses why your fans are crap, the pitch invader halfwits and then run through your full repetoire of dingle/inbred/land that time forgot 'gags'... Then you can ignore the fact you were plainly no better than us on the pitch.
  14. You'll be right as rain in there. A stand for the OAP's, we often get the odd away fan in there. If anyone has tickets in the Jimmy Mac end - you should be ok in there although the stewards will obviously show you the way out if you do decide to reveal your true colours. If you're in the Longside - all the best. Rumours have flown thick and fast over who's got tickets in the Longside in recent years but the last time I can remember anyone doing it was a group of plucky Darlington (!!) fans way back in '89 when it was still terracing. I readily admired their gung-ho spirit at the time but t
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