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  1. Well, earlier on today I was in town and on a whim I did this: Which was nice.
  2. I can't work out if that's a football team or an insult...
  3. FC Neftchi Baku? Bloody glory hunter. I spit on FC Neftchi Baku. There's only one FC Kapaz Ganja. Yekshemesh!
  4. Lamb always seem to be one of the acts recommended by Amazon under "other stuff you may like", so I really should give them a listen, but my "albums to buy" list is as long as my arm at the moment.
  5. Tiny . He made one good run that I recall, slaloming past a couple of players before making a decent pass which came to nothing. Liverpool had pretty much stifled the life out of the game by the time he came on, but he certainly posed them more problems than the player he replaced (Berbatov?) during the limited time he was on the pitch.
  6. Went to Anfield with some lads from work last night. Liverpool were pretty good (Harry Kewell excepted, wouldn't have him at Rovers for all the tea in China) but Leverkeusen were very poor, and didn't look like they had much to offer up front. Suspect that even the scousers might struggle to blow the away leg. It was hard to supress a chuckle when Dudek ballsed up at the end though.
  7. 1) (By a country mile) Sinisa Mihajlovic. Vile, ignorant, racist scumbag. 2) Anyone associated in any way, shape or form with SS Lazio (see above). 3) Rodney Marsh. 4) Ken Bates. 5) Alex Ferguson. 6) Freddy Shepherd.
  8. Andy, don't know if you (or anyone else for that matter) know who I'm on about, but there is a scene in the film La Haine (top film btw) which features a hip hop track overlaid with Non Je Ne Regret Riene by Edith Piaf. I've always wanted to know who did it (it also features some of the most awesome scratching I've ever heard).
  9. 1) Hibs (my dad is from Edinburgh) 2) Fiorentina (picked pretty much at random back when Serie A used to be on C4, always kept an eye out for them ever since) 3) Valencia (same reason as 2, just a random team that allows me to watch Primera Liga with some sort of interest) 4) Boca Juniors (the entire Boca / River thing - got to side with the working class club) 5) Accrington Stanley - local and no immediate threat to Rovers
  10. From the article: "Blackburn Rovers fans tauntingly refer to the home of Burnley as Tiny Moor" Eh? T-U-R-D spells? Other than that, a good read. Nice to see the bitterness shining through so brightly: "Burnley, famous country wide for producing player after home-grown player, were in their pomp then, and still harbour hopes of a return to those glory years. Indeed many believe it is their right, and mutter darkly that but for Jack Walker's millions they would still be north Lancashire's top dogs." He he. Sucks to be them I guess.
  11. Debs should be given the ticket, but in return Gav should be allowed to watch the game down the pub, get absolutely hammered, hit the clubs to celebrate a famous victory then stagger through the door at 4 am with a bird on each arm - it's the risk Debs takes for letting him out of her sight.
  12. Maybe Sigur Ros for coffee Autechre on toast for me please.
  13. As soon as I finish Gene Wolfe's Books of the New Sun (which is turning into more of a slog than I'd hoped, although not quite as bad as the similarly themed Tales of The Dying Earth by Jack Vance - fantasy masterwork my @rse) I plan to read Ender's Game ahead of the film coming out this / next year. Read Seventh Son years ago, and remember it being pretty good, but never really got into the series. For anyone after a sci-fi recommendation, Alistair Reynolds' Century Rain is a good read (albeit a bit of a departure from his previous stuff), and Broken Angels by Richard Morgan is just fantastic, even better than it's predecessor.
  14. Also mentioned in the Guardian's rumour mill. Hopefully not just paper talk, but if there is any truth left in the story it does begs the question "why didn't we move heaven and earth to get him signed yesterday?"
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