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  1. just preordered Batman Arkham City with Batman Begins and Dark Knight on blu ray for £36.85! Great deal http://www.thehut.com/games/platforms/ps3/batman-arkham-city-the-dark-knight/-batman-begins-blu-ray-bundle/10564451.html
  2. why is Dead Island so bloody expensive? £47.99 almost everywhere I went in Preston yesterday, and that was for the normal edition maybe it was the special edition, just sold in the wrong box, found it on t'internet now for 37.99
  3. oh excellent, I'll be getting involved in that!
  4. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12876_5884526,00.html "McCarthy has the utmost respect for Allardyce and the Blackburn board..........The former Porto star did not attend training on Friday and was not at the club on Monday" Thats a good one
  5. cool well if you're willing to sell then jobs a good un
  6. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get hold of one of these shirts in a medium?? theres some on ebay in large but well they are £25 for starters and they will probably be too big. I used to have this shirt but then spilt ruddy paint on it so it kinda ruined it probably one of my favourite away kits along with the red n black halves sooo anyone got any ideas?
  7. likewise, apart from zelda, which i stil havent completed, i havent really been too bothered about any games, this is the first iv pre-ordered, hopefully the controls do work wel, iv read that they do but that was in the official nintendo mag soooooo but ye mario kart is always a must! ye i'll be gettin the wheel, not sure if it'll be included in the order though
  8. get in, just got a txt from game sayin my mario kart wii will be ready to pick up tomorrow!
  9. I played the Kane and Lynch Demo tonight and thought it was good! I was playing co-op mode more though, one problem is the shooting thing some people have mentioned, how head shots don't always kill and its sooo much harder to kill the fat guys, they seem to just eat the bullets
  10. http://www.teamtalk.com/football/story/0,1...2879635,00.html I'm not sure what he means by this because I would probably put him behind Dunn, Reid, Tugay, Savage and even Bentley in centre mid
  11. Has anyone got Paper Mario?? I wasn't really that interested in getting it but then I saw it in the shops and the switching between 2D and 3D looks well smart so I've gone and ordered it off t'internet, also anyone got Fifa?? I'm lookin forward to mario kart, the new mario and pro evo altho I just can't see pro evo working on the wii
  12. ok i am now absolutely convinced this game is fixed! it has to be! iv started a new game with scunthorpe and i was doing rubbish at the start but i just got a winning formation going and then the fix bug kicks in, players start getting injured and i now have 7 first team players out injured!! This is ridiculous, its happened before as well, i must have a dodgy copy
  13. anybody got Stuntman ignition? i had the first one on the ps2 and that was class, i played the demo of the new one on the 360 and its awesome, great graphics so thought id rent it out, might have to buy it! its got two player as wel i think but havent given that a try yet
  14. Well they werent bothered when Jason Roberts "showed dissent" last year and got a second yellow for it, they should definately clamp down on it but not just with us teams outside the top 4, a rule for one, a rule for all
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