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  1. Does anyone know why videos of Ruben's arrival/training havent been posted by Rovers like the Mauro ones have? Is he even here yet?
  2. "Avram Grant has admitted that West Ham forward Benni McCarthy is still not fit enough to play for the club, despite losing eight kilos (17.6lb) in weight." What a waste of a talent!!!
  3. Betting Zone: 1500: Blackburn Rovers are the 4/1 favourites to sign football’s bad boy Joey Barton, according to Paddy Power. Following Barton’s latest suspension at current club Newcastle today, the bookie is betting on where Barton might go next with Sam Allardyce, the manager who signed him for Newcastle, the favourite to be reunited with the midfielder at Ewood Park. Blackburn are followed in the betting by Bolton Wanderers at 13/2 with former club Manchester City at 9/1.
  4. Try this one. http://football.guardian.co.uk/comment/sto...2241592,00.html I did wonder why we were still posting about Lucash after all this time but this column in the Guardian is priceless. Love it.
  5. A comment left on Sky's Paper Gossip section... Matt Lopez (Blackburn Rovers fan) says... There is a strong rumour going round Blackburn that Benni McCarthy is off to Chelsea in january with Andriy Shevchenko coming 2 Rovers on loan until the end of the season Posted 23:40 19th December 2007 Bl00dy well hope not!!!
  6. The thing that I have highlighted in many posts on this site and a few others is that its rare for the players of the club they play for to be fans of that club too. We'll always support the Rovers but the players have no loyalty to the club. It was good to hear the likes of Sav say that Blackburn is the best club he's ever been at and for Bents to come out and say that he's in a "good place where I am happy playing football." We want to keep our best players, of course we do but as Waggy says, we're powerless to stop them leaving if that's what they want to do. The grass isnt always greener... but its for them to find out isnt it.
  7. The fact that we signed Benni for only £2.5m (reportedly) is irrespective with regards to a selling price. Not even sure why I'm writing this as until its obvious he's leaving as I'd like to think he'll stay. Anyway... ...the selling price surely has to be relative to his worth to the club, not from what we paid for him. We paid £3.3m for Shearer and sold him for £15m. We didnt pay anything for Duff (as far as I'm aware) and sold him for £17m. These kind of players added that extra quality to the Rovers team and it was a loss when they left, not just because we lost our idols but they could change games in our favour. Losing players like that comes at a cost to us so we should be rightly reimbursed with a suitable transfer fee. Benni has scored 18 Premiership goals in his debut season and although he comes across as a lazy git every now and again, he has still got those goals and proved he can cut it in this league. His age is the only thing that should have any affect on his fee as he's no spritely 21 year old anymore but he's a competent 29 year old and I think he'll score similar goals next year if he stays and plays the 50 odd games he did last year. He wont get that number of appearances at the big four if he chooses to leave. If he's going to leave, and I'd want him to ask so we dont have to pay a "loyalty" fee, I'd be looking between £12-15m and anything more than that would be a bonus.
  8. Somewhat of a u-turn by Benni it seems... http://www.sportinglife.com/football/premi...EAMHD=blackburn
  9. Comment left on tribalfootball.com about McCarthy going AWOL... "1. Greg Tucker (South Africa) Posted on 28/05/2007 as a South African i cannot STAND this guy, he is an arrogant w***er, he is also showing Blackburn that he has no loyalties other than to himself. he thinks he is bigger than the game, i hope someone breaks both his legs this season, show him some humility. he disgusts me!! seems like he and mikel are cut from the same cloth! benni, you are not welcome here."
  10. From Rovers official text service "Sergio Peter has signed a new three year contract with the club. The 20-year old German winger is contracted to the club until 2010."
  11. http://home.skysports.com/list.aspx?hlid=4...+blow+for+Neill Another Hammer Blow for Neill !!! Honestly, I dont get any satisfaction out of his injuries...
  12. "Defender Stephane Henchoz has signed a new one-year deal with Blackburn Rovers. The deal sees the former Swiss international contracted until the summer of 2008." Official Rovers Txt Service
  13. MartinPeters Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 11:47 pm "Hope the **** is out for the rest of the season. He is not fit to wear the West Ham shirt. He was useless today and the kick he gave that Watford player for no reason other than he was there was sickening. Neil is not West Ham." He's not a Happy Hammer is he!!!
  14. "Moving to West Ham isn't a backwards step - it's a great jump forwards" - Lucas Neill The cheeky so and so
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