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  1. Too bad Cham and Tanner turned out no goods like Cotton and Rittenberg for example. Hope there is better prospects coming but real talents should be first teamers very early at club like us. I was hoping Tomlinson and Nyambe to break on last season but they weren't even on squad.
  2. Can anyone tell who are the most promising players in the academy?
  3. That´s correct. This must have been longest season ever. At first it looked that points keep coming even by awful performances. Now we are happy to be almost renewed the league status.
  4. A draw should be enough but would make the final day excited. Off topic but did Best score even once for Rovers not including the training match against AEK.
  5. That was fast. Four year for 30 year old sounds long. Quite happy with this.
  6. Green light from here but this not the one we should go for with big wage offers.
  7. They work at McDonald´s Ewood. Maybe even lost their job when Benni left.
  8. Hughes did make him clear he had to live like an athlete. It was about three years ago. He didn´t and it costs him dearly now. Our luck there is West Ham. Sorry for him but no one else to blame.
  9. West Ham has same troubles with Benni than Rovers had. Never been in East London but there must be several fast food places. They actually paid 2M plus something for over weight striker. Didn´t they learn anything of Nigel Quashie deal? Both were panic buys.
  10. Is he still in the house? Come on Hammers, one Mac take away please!
  11. Hard to understand rumours about Lucash going to Eastlands. They must get better. Hughes is an idiot if we takes him on free and huge wages.
  12. Best for both parts if he leaves. Was a great player and can still score from penalty spot. Doesn´t have any pace or good shot. And his wage is second highest Rovers ever paid I think. Only RSC gets better money.
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