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We're Going To Blow It.

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I really think we're going to throw the title away and everything the team's achieved so far this year - in fact everything since Jack's been with us - will have been wasted.

It's unusual for me to feel so depressed but the West Ham result has done me in.

Perhaps some of the older members such as jim mk2 who were around when we last challenged for the title properly can tell us what the stress is like?

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I hate to agree with you, but this is typical of Rovers throughout history.

They build your hopes up and then let you down, how many times did we get near to promotion and then fall at the final hirdle. Remember when under Howard Kendall when we failed to make it into the first. How many times under Don did we go to the play offs.

We only just scraped through against Leicester, thanks to Steve Walsh bringing down Speedie.

I knew when City scored their 3rd goal, that the wheels were coming off, and the defeat against West Ham has now convinced me that we are going to loose out again.

I have tried to be optimistic but I cant see us getting anything out of our next 2 games the way we played against West Ham, the team have lost it.

We have now conceded 6 goals in our last 3 games, bring back Mimms for the Newcastle game, Flowers has become a liability.

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But it's still in our hands.

If we beat Newcastle then Man U will have to win their game against Southampton on Wednesday night to take the game to the last day.

We all know what fine form Matt Le Tissier has been in this season - he's bound to score a couple. Still, United will probably get some dodgy penalty in the last few minutes.

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We'll beat Newcastle - 1-0 however I'm afraid that United will beat the Saints as well, BUT...

We'll be alright. For heavens sake, stop worrying. United have to go to West Ham yet, they won't win there. That Andy Cole is hopeless. I expect West Ham to get a draw.

We'll go to Anfield and get the 3 points. No problem. Shearer to score and we win 1-0. Unless John Barnes scores and Jamie Redknapp gets the winner with 2 minutes to go. (BTW - that Jamie Redknapp is knocking off that Louise bird you know - so she told me).

If anyone is going to Anfield or trying to get tickets then be careful - I've heard that they're all up for ManU and some have even bought / stolen United shirts, bizarre I know - you heard it here first.

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I have my cyanide pills ready.

I bid you all farewell. It's been great supporting Rovers but I've fallen in love with the club and I will not be able to take losing the title at this late stage. It's going to be a hat-trick of titles for the red scum.

Goodbye cruel world!!

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