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2012 Olympics


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Is it not possible to stage some of the games round the Midlands to enable greater accessibility to all?

I think that is all part of what the IOC look at when chosing a location for the games.

They do not like having events too far away from each other and having the athletes travelling too far to events. They would also not like to split teams up so (as a random example) the archery teams couldn't stay up in birmingham whilst everyone else is in London.

I actually think that the village being on the site of most of the athletics is the main reason we won the bid in the first place.

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RR, there was talk of the government using the police to get the homeless off the streets, but I don't think they gave them one way tickets to anywhere. It's also true that there are very few beggars in Sydney, the closest you'll get is some druggie or some dero asking for two dollars to top up his "train fare". Come to think of it, the police wouldn't have had much to do as there was that much going on any homeless person would have wanted to get out to get some peace.

I would think that all the events will be close to the main venue as possible, given secrity concerns and the like. So there is little chance of anything being out of the London area, with the possible exception of the Football.

If you are going to go, and want to stay in a good hotel, book now before all the olympic hangers on get in for their piece of the action.

There will be talk of people renting their houses for huge amounts, but this didn't happen to any extent in Sydney.

If you live or work in and around the Olympic area, be prepared for lots of hassles, special transport lanes on roads, deliveries at odd hours, reduced parking on streets, roads partly or fully closed etc.

I can guarantee that you will be fed up with all the hype that will fill the news bulletins and papers leading up to the event, but when the Olympics actually start there's a tremendous feeling, everyone seems so relaxed and friendlyto each other, you'll wonder why it doesn't happen in ordinary times.

During the Olympics, I didn't go to any of the events, rather I went into the City to soak up the amazing atmosphere. I did go to the Paralympics where the crowds were less, but it was great to see athletes of all nations trying their hardest.

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I've just bought my train ticket for West Ham away.  Leeds-London return £19. 


Ah but last time I tried to buy train tickets to Wimbledon (tennis) it was around £120 each and not bookable more than 7-10 days in advance. I'd guess it might just be the same in 2012 tongue.gif

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If anybody has a few free dates in their diary for 7 years time, you can register your interest in being a volunteer. Only 70,000 required !!

Volunteer Here


Darn it, cant make it.

There's a clash of dates, Rovers will be playing in the Charity Shield after winning the league wink.gif

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