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  1. I thought the game was good, agree with repetitiveness especially the Homocide cases. Hope they bring some of the facial technology to GTAV. Its all in the eyes really, generally if they look to the side they will be lying/doubt. Generally I would say they are lying which may then lead to a different question being asked to the original. If you have evidence present otherwise just go back and doubt them.
  2. Completed LA Noire. Going back through the missions you get a better idea of how everything fits together. Determined to get my first platinum on this game. Looking forward to Skyrim, looks excellent
  3. I got the PS3 version of red dead - only played a bit and very good so far. Haven't done too much, I bought a map that didn't seem to do too much. Need to go and find some flowers for some old geezer as a start.
  4. Stay away from Command and Conquer 4. If you have played the series before then beware this has gone in a completely different direction with no base building/tiberium harvesting or even the ability to produce all your units at once. Very very poor.
  5. Had to google the name Jerrys It is the same one. I seem to recall the menu having Zebra on at one stage but they may have taken that off as I couldn't see it on earlier.
  6. Just had a nice meal at the Plough in Euxton. Fillet steak was worth every penny.
  7. "What on Earth is going on between Hart and Mokoena? Are they lovers or something? Get him OFF Hart, he is absolutely useless" "He must close his eyes, swing his leg and hope for the best every time he's got the ball, it's embarressing." "sometimes I don't beleive the luck some people have. I mean just think of Mokoena - he's the most completely useless and horrible piece of CRAP I've ever seen ! " As you say rover6, highly rated on the south coast.
  8. I remember chanting "We want 7" and he duly delivered.
  9. I am, I didn't bother buying FM08. I am currently in 2033. Rovers are in a new 112k stadium selling out regularly. I think the best strategy for the game is manager the u18s as well as the first team. Try and get the best rated u18 players and create a good set of youngsters. The only downfall to this tactic is that certain players want a new challenge after a few years
  10. I see a lot of talk about Hughes and Zola in a double act. If Hughes is to go anywhere then surely he won't have anybody other than Bowen as his assistant.
  11. You were indeed correct. It was more about how Portsmouth had their mind on the FA cup.
  12. I have it, it plays quite well on my PC on high graphics. Graphics are very good and I like the fact you can get in vehicles. Currently stuck though
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