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OK guys, Paul has allowed us to explain the plan so if you're interested read on...

A few of us from this board (myself, cn174, Tugay4England and sleepyjack) have started a project called TildeFootball (http://www.tildefootball.com). The basic idea is that fans write in columns about whatever they feel like. They can be lighthearted etc but as long as they are decently-written then they're fine. The ultimate goal is long and complex involving interviews and guest columnists etc, but one of the things we really want is for every team in England and beyong to have a regular who does something once a week or so. This is filled out with anyone who wants to talk about the state of the offside law or whatnot.

We've put the site online and put on one or two "test" columns for the lack of a better expression. They aren't that serious or thoughtful - more us previewing the way we can lay it out.

As a test for the club thing, we're looking to have a reporter for each country at the World Cup. This (if you hadn't guessed already) is where you can come in. What we'd love is for 3 or 4 columns submitted throughout the tournament. Maybe more if you find you have a flair for it ;) Perhaps a preview, a match report, a look at how brilliant their star player is, a history of why they underachieve - anything. I appreciate that a lot of people have already tied their hands up with these match previews but any help would be brilliant.

If you'd like to know more/volunteer then you can PM myself or those mentioned above. I'm also available on MSN at bellamy11@hotmail.com and my e-mail addy is mark@tildefootball.com. As a preliminary I'll stick in a table of countries and tick them off if/when they get snapped up.

Angola - JLM

Argentina - daveon



Costa Rica


Czech Republic



France - Eddie

Germany - brett


Holland - Eidur Gudjohnsson



Ivory Coast - sleepyjack


Mexico - S&P



Portugal - Oklahoma

Saudi Arabia

Serbia & Montenegro - Robbojohnno

South Korea

Spain - ihatethedingles




Trinidad & Tobago



USA - Philly Rover

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bellamy11 if i have the time i would happily do the Spanish national side for your website. PM with some details please, i won't be able to reply tonight but i guarentee i'll give you a definate answer in the morning regarding doing it.

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Don't all volunteer at once or anything :P

Even if you don't fancy having a go yourself or don't have the time, it'd be greatly appreciated if you could pass on details to anybody you know who may be interested. Perhaps somebody who likes journalism as well as football.

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