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[Archived] Brisa What Is The Point?


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That's fascinating.

BRISA has made it easier for the pissheads to get their booze. :(

One of the biggest gripes both in person at meetings, via written feedback and on various messageboards.

Surely ANY improvement is a good thing? Unless it has a detrimental effect on other service areas?

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A bit harsh! and no doubt your post count and resultant 'regular' status means special dispensation from the posting rules.

Initiatives to improve service are welcome by me, I guess you dont walk the concourses so its easy to make ill-informed snap judgements on things you have no insight into.

I've walked the walk. I suggest you don't keep editing your replies to my posts.

I'm fully commited to the guys behind BRISA.

I guess you don't get sarcasm???

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