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[Archived] Mobile Phone Games

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I've finally decided to get a phone that is good enough to play the Java games. The trouble is I have no idea what are good, so far I've been getting things that I know are good on consoles; e.g. Tiger Woods, Micro Machines, Colin McRae, Brian Lara, Worms etc. All the 'brand' games have been disappointing, the only ones I've enjoyed playing so far are games that I've never heard of. They seem to be tailor made to suit a mobile phone, whereas the console ports seem to be relying on the name and feel rushed and amateurish.

Anyway, all I really want to know is what are people's favourite mobile phone games? I have a Sony Ericsson K750i if it makes any difference, I haven't worked out whether games are phone specific yet.

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i think some of them are phone specific and some are brand (orange/vodafone etc) specific!

i have the freekick game built into my samsung (such a game) and i downloaded a strip poker game and deal or no deal

i would definitly recommend deal or no deal if you like the show its a good laugh and the challenge mode will keep you busy for a while

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Sony Ericsson Do a good one. A 3D tennis game that has brill graphics for a phone game. Think its called Sega WTA Tour or summin similar. Im sure it will work on other phones if you manage to download it. I have allsorts of games on my Sony Ericsson phone, alot of which were meant for other phones.

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