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  1. Guess you didn’t go to West Ham away in the carabao cup. He scored a perfect penalty and came on and made an impact. Never got a chance with our fans. Wish him well
  2. You have gotta laugh! The crap our fans gave Hirst last season. I’ve always thought he was a good player.
  3. It is like someone told them all on paper these lot are better than us and from that go we lost before we ever put on the boots. I knew it, we all did but what we can’t stand is they didn’t even have more than 1 shot
  4. I meant in the grand scheme of the season not in the grand scheme of life. One game… how many have we won this season? I can let it go.
  5. Derby games are overrated. This is why I was upset when the West Ham game got written off before it started. It’s just one game, pinning too much on one game, no point getting personal with the manager, he thought this team was gonna do well felt the need to piss around with it he’s the boss. We move on
  6. Have to say. I’m not an angry person but throwing Thomas into the net made me one. Ugly bastard
  7. Terrible game. Completely out bossed by them. Few of us out on Wednesday night said we would be outclassed in every way by them. But that was just fans talking, no way he should have enforced that mentality to the players and then the selection don’t get me started. We went in already with the loss and I can’t defend that.
  8. Who do you think you are marathon man? You’d have seen the majority of game surely!
  9. Few comments. One said about it being unpinned shows no one gives a shit about this game.
  10. God knows what time I left the bars last this morning. There were loads of us rovers fans out and one or two arsenal and West Ham fans. Hammers fans admitted they just thought they’d done their job at 80 mins switched off.
  11. Exactly this. Bloody not enough praise for those kids tonight.I’ve never seen that before… even Hirst scored a great pen “So much for I don’t care about this game unpin it ha ha”
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