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[Archived] Advice Wanted

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Basically I've got a playstation 2 (the big version in silver) 4 controllers, 2 multi-taps, 20 or so games (the newest being pro evo 5)


an XBOX 360, a year old, fifa 07, PES 6, Tiger Woods 07 and Brian Lara Cricket, 2 controllers and chargers and around a months XBOX live left.

I'm looking to get a Playstation 3, I just think they'll develop into being the better of the two, I feel more comfortable with a playstation controller in my hand and I think blu-ray will see off HD-DVD.

The dillema, I want to sell the first two and get the best deal I can for them whilst securing the best deal for myself for the PS3, where's the best place to do this? I can get a PS3 with 2 games, 2 controllers and a HDMI cable from Game for around £390, any good?

Also is there an equivelent to XBOX live with the PS3?

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Looks like a pretty good deal. The PS3 is in the midst of creating an online community, but it isn't anywhere near as developed, nor does it have anywhere near the same number of players, as xbox live. If online play is really important to you then you should stick with the xbox for now.

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Right first of all, your not going to get allot for the PS2 no matter how many quality games you have for it. In fact when I sold mine to get the PS3 I ended up keeping a couple of PS2 games to play on the PS3 because it wasnt worth selling them (Resi 4 - Pro Evo - GTA - God of War II)

So I sold my PS2 with four games, 3 pads and an Eye Toy (which I later found out could have been used on the ps3) for £65 (A price which I think was very good to be fair)

Your 360 is a different ball game. I reckon you could get lucky by knocking £50 off it and sticking it up on ebay. Actually, have a look at what every one else is selling them for on ebay and decide from there. If you cant be bothered with the hassle of all that take it to game because they do a trade in price for a 360 (but you would get a MUCH better price selling it on your own than taking it to those pirates)

That price from game is better than I paid for my PS3 a few months ago. I got 2 game and 1 pad for (I think) £450 and no HDMI cable.

The Playstation Network is starting to fill up but obviously the 360 has been out for a couple more years than the PS3 so its bound to be bigger. I have never had any problem joining games and dont often find any lag (apart from Motorstorm where I cant tell if its people cheating or lag making it look like they are)

Over the next few months there are going to be some great games coming out for the PS3. If I were you I would hang on a couple of months and then buy a bundle with the new games (footy game a must of course) There havent been any decent games out for a while so if you buy now your just going to get the first segment of games which you will want to trade in for the new spankers as soon as they are out.

Look out for Playstation HOME (Do a search on youtube/gametrailers)

Let me know if you get one and I will add you to my friend list for a kicking on Fifa/Pes when they come out :tu:

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