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[Archived] Playstation 2 Scart Adapter Thingy

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Heres the situation...

Have got a wall mounted tv with room for only one scart lead to go through the wall channeling. Obviously want to play on the Playstation 2 downstairs and need to hook it up.

Ordinarily would put the scart in the back of the ps2 but it has its own lead as opposed to sky, dvd players etc... where the scart goes direct into back

The scart from the PS2 wont fit up the chanelling.

What I need is some kind of multi scart where I could plug the scart from the ps2 in and the one from the tv, have tried one of those multi scart long bricks and that did not work (presume the scart out on that needs to go direct into tv, did not reach!!)

So some kind of two way device or something that I can plug tv scart into that would then feed directly into the ps2.

Is there anything out there that will work, sorry for complex explanation!

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Saying that the brick I got was a bit on the cheap side - might try another, cannot plug the brick in but thought that the two scarts from tv and ps2 would be ok plugged into it.

TV is hd compatible and sure that the lead is there as well, taking up most of the space, will that plug directly into the ps?

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