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[Archived] How Do You Say(shout) ?

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Boo-yah is an urban slang originally used by a sports anchor in the states. One of my favorites.

OH YEAH! "Boo-yah" !! I forgot about it! That's emortional sounds-word I think.

(it's nearly "Exactly" "spot on"... is taht right?)

I never heard English said "Boo-yah"....

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Very interesting! (North part of Norway... like Gamsten?)

Yes, the parts of Norway Gamst comes from.

Yes, Ando-Kun speaking slight strange Japanese.(non-native Japanese intonation). sometimes I couldn't catch what did he speaking (in Japanese!). Also Hiro. He is not so good ('course not bad). especially Hiro speaks fast !

Wow is it that bad that it's hard to understand? I'm surprised that Hiro isn't as good either, does he have a very strong accent? The actor who plays Hiro is Japanese I think but I'm not sure if he was born there or if he lived there as much. I like Hiro, he's my favorite "hero" on the show!

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Geronimo!!! If you're taking a big leap or dive. Not used too terribly much, but still when someone shouts it, you know what's about to happen.

Oof da - is a term used by the northern plains state denizens to signal Oh My, or Oh Dear! As in a conversation your friend tells you that he has to work a double shift. Your reply could be Oof da. Intonates a bit of sympathy as well. Everyone else in the states shortens it to oof!

Ouch! - To signify getting hurt. Most people just curse when they hit their thumb with a hammer, but ouch! works too.

Yuck! To signal distaste to a food or a hideous picture or situation. For me, eating vegimite would trigger a resounding YUCK!

Ugh! (pronounced Ugg) - In the same line of Yuck...

Uh-huh - Signifying Yes or affirmative. A slight evolution of a grunt.

And of course the ever-popular Wow! to signify amazement.

I always like Yoshaa!! Meaning well Done (?) We had a Japanese player (Akinori Otsuka) for our baseball team (Texas Rangers) and every time he did well everyone would yell YOSHAA!!! Poor Aki's hurt now and might not play again. I miss that guy.

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I think It has beautiful sounds. i thought "Eureka" is Greek? (Who did have a eureka moment in a bath? Archimedes?)

Indeed, it was Archimedes who was in a bath when he realised that the weight of a person in water displaced the same weight of water. Not the same volume.

There's a statue of him in Manchester


as he realises his big moment.

It's the same theory that allows ducks to float on water, but they don't understand it. They just go "Quack" which is onomatopoeic.

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