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[Archived] Wwe Wrestlemania Xxiv

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I'm not a wrestling fan myself but somebody pointed out to me that there was a rovers shirt in the first few rows of the crowd - and i was informed correctly!

anone know who this is?


good to see a rovers shirt there :rover:

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Very good to see our global brand increasing!

Anybody know what happened with the Big Show vs Floyd Mayweather? I heard some people discussing it at footy last night.

* Spoiler alert *

Typical "celebrity" wwe fight really although it was actually quite entertaining. Mayweather actually did let himself get slapped and thrown a few times which was suprising. He didn't really land anything on the Big Show at all. The end was unsuprising, few people run in, Big Show turns his back gets clobbered by quite a nice right hook from Mayweather and then 3 more shots with a chair to the head. Big Show down, end of match.

From what I've read, the whole match was scripted from start to finish so no real ad-libbing at all. In fact the WWE were worried that it was going to look horrible right up until the fight as Mayweather was struggling to pick up even basic wrestling moves.

** Disclaimer - Not that i've watched it ;) **

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Glad you posted this, I was wondering if anyone knew the fella.

I thought they did Mayweather/Show very well indeed, pretty much as well as was possible. Mayweather should be given credit for getting so involved, he contributed to a decent match. Show again took what looked like a few stiff shots, fair play to him too.

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