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[Archived] Wireless Router/ Xbox Live Question

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A quick question for you,

I have recently invested in a wireless router. Problem is i have hooked it straight upto my xbox 360 so i can get onto Xbox live(without a pc..there isnt one in that room). This causes problems with computers in other rooms. For example they cant access the web when the xbox is on and vice versa.

I'm just wondering if there is an easy solution, could i just whack a wireless adapter into the pcs in the other rooms and they would pick up the signal straight from the router where the xbox is without being connected by wires?

I'm new to this wireless thingy and im confused...


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That happened to me as well, but I sorted it out by giving the Xbox a permanent static IP address. It's a bit of a headache, but a lot harder to explain than it is to actually do. I'm sure I wrote something about it on this forum once. Never managed to successfully explain it to anyone :(

Perhaps you should try getting a wireless adapter for the Xbox.

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Buy the wireless adapter. It really will be the simplest solution.

Cant seem to get my pc to work with the router, not sure why. Yet it works fine hooked straight upto the xbox console...i'm sure i'll figure it out eventually, its all trial and error at first.

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This will help in setting a static IP on your console:


Look at the "Guides for Specific Routers" section, it explains how to set a static IP address.

Thanks for all your help guys! im now a proud member of the online community ;). I bought a wireless adapter which seemed to sort out the problem with getting online, althought i had to go back to the shop twice as the adapter was faulty..that was a pain itself.

No problems so far other than occasionally i have problems with the ip address. Something to do with what you mensions before about static id addresses. Usually if i just reboot the pc or router this sorts it out.

Anyway all sorted. If you want to add me i'm : Robin Dog on xbox live.

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