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[Archived] Team Fortress 2

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I'm currently very addicted to team fortress 2- On the PC that is.

Valve has released 2 updates recently - for the pyro and medic classes with new weapons which are unlocked by gaining class specific achievements as well as a new game mode called goldrush

tomorrow the heavy update is released which will include the biggest update to the game since its release - this includes new heavy unlockables as well as new maps and game modes, check out the details here

Heavy update

This weekend valve is also hosting another of it's free weekends for TF2 which means you can try the game out for nowt for the weekend. If you haven't already played it i'd give it a go especially with the new updates. i haven't played anything else multiplayer wise for 5 months now!

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I played it on the PS3 when I had the Orange Box and really enjoyed it. In fact, I kind of enjoyed TF2 and Portal more than the main game Half Life 2.

On Team Fortress I used to hate those guys that could run fast (forget their names) A flame thrower soon sorted them out though :P

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TF2 is the bestest game in the whole wide world :)

I was banging on about it when it came out, HL I can leave quite happily, but TF2 is one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played.

I Love the fact that each character is so different and how team work is the key to winning.

I also love being a devious sod with the spy. Even if I'm totally rubbish at it, which makes it so much more fun when I get it right

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TF2 is probablly the best game on par with battlefield bad company(i like because off its inovation off blowing walls and trees down)

These new updates are bad in there first two weeks as people just spam the new class for the achevements

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not this one though - I'm having a field day as a sniper ^_^

even mediocre spy's have easy pickings

Best is being a spy and taking out them c0cky snipers that think there the best and no1 can kill them :D

but also getting a taunt in for there freeze frame :):lol:

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