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[Archived] Madden 09

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Does anyone know if there's an update available yet for this? I just got it and Brett Favre isn't a Jet (he's not even in it), Shockey's not a Saint and Pennington's not a Dolphin. Obviously I could simply go into player management and create a player/move people around but I really want a game with Favre on the rosters.

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I got it sorted last night. Go on Xbox Live (provided you have a Gold Account) and start a random, quick play game. You'll then be told that a roster update is needed. You simply accept this and you're set. Play the game if you want to or quit out of it. It doesn't matter. My main concern was getting Favre back on the roster. Other big changes like Shockey being a Saint have also been corrected. Pennington is a free agent but you simply sign him up to the Dolphins. If you've managed to keep on top of most of the comings and goings you should be able to fix the rosters manually, though some tinkering with the free agent pool to free up players who have now been released may be necessary.

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