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[Archived] Can This Board Influence The Real One?

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OK the way it works is this (bear with me here).

One of us picks a name of a potential future manager out of thin air and posts it on a well read topic.

After 50 pages of replies and several more random names thrown in a clear favourite emerges.

We already know of 3 (at least) journo's who read this board. A story is then printed from one of these journo's desperate to fill copy, linking the guy to the club.

Local rag reports said man has bought a house in Wilpshire or something (remember that one!!!).

Another journo intrigued by the story contacts said random selection for a quote and tells him he is linked.

"Mr X" then speaks to his agent asking if there is truth in the link he has had a call from the Daily Spuds about.. The agent then contacts the club who by now have heard the story doing the rounds and invite him for interviews.

He then becomes favourite as "the fans choice" ...or at least the choice of us geeks on here, picked up by the media who are too lazy to do proper research.

The board have no idea after interviews who would make a good manager, as they are not qualified to make such a judgement, so go with the favourite and our selection becomes the new boss.


Am I JK Rowling or am I too close to the truth for the comfort of many a Football Club Board. Only Nicko will know for sure.....!

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maybe not the board but a few things from Ince have been a bit coincidental this term. The missing Vogel appeared against the scousers even though he wasnt deemed suitable for the United game, a topic brought up on this board not so long ago. Also i think i read or heard on sky someone saying with Blackburns problems Tugay must play every game, and since then he has. I cant remember everything else, but im sure at the time i thought of a few other things.

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If Ince really was responding to messages from the fans/media then Fowler would have been canned long ago (probably Andrews too, though I'd disagree with that decision because I think he's OK).

The day Ince ever responds to something that's posted on the internet or mentioned on SKY is the day he has officially lost the plot.

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