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[Archived] New Manager And Takeover In One Fell Swoop?

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Hello All

Just thought I would make by bi-annual post as something as thought provoker, conspiracy theory....call it what you will. If nothing else it might perhaps cause us to break from the obvious doom and gloom of the relegation quagmire. This is perhaps the feeble ramblings of a man with too much time on his hands but, perhaps, will have some substance....who knows???

We are, as we are all too sadly aware, in very real trouble. On the pitch things could not be much worse....we have a manager who, perhaps sadly, needs to move on to pastures of a more Championship kind and a coaching staff that need to either go with him or enroll on the SAGA Summer Program either in a professional capacity or, in the case of Methuzelah Mathias, socially! Off the pitch despair is ever-growing. We are up for sale and nobody wants us......the Arabs wanted Charlton more than us and, at this rate, overseas investment will be heading towards York City before it makes its way to Ewood. I am beginning to think the only foreign money making its way to our beloved club is in the form of the dodgy drachmas that find there way into the vending machines as a replacement to 10p pieces!! No sooner do we hear 'whispers' of ex-patriot Rovers fans wanting to buy the club than these rumours are quashed with cries of 'over-priced', 'not worth the money' etc. WE ARE A PREMIER LEAGUE CLUB!!!! Our 'value'...approximately £40m - £60 million is only on a par with the likes of Sheffield Wednesday and Watford and yet, unlike them we have been a Premier League regular (next season perhaps an exception but you never know).

OK....this leads me to a 'theory' based on an over-active imagination or spending too long in the loo without a decent book to read! I remember that Souness was recently rumoured to be the 'head' of a consortium looking to buy a club. If I remember correctly the club was Southampton but I am more than happy to be corrected on that. Regardless, it appeared to me at the time to be a Quinn/Sunderland...esque scenario with Souness being the footballing 'face' of the buyers. As with Sunderland I believe these potential investors were not multi-billionaire arabs or Russians with oil wells in the herbacious borders but, instead, a group of UK businessmen with a genuine desire to get involved in top-flight football. Their Sunderland counterparts have certainly put their oney where their mouth is, giving £80 million to Keane during his 18month reign.....who says it is only foreigners who are prepared to spend the big bucks?? Anyway I digress. IF Souness WAS looking to buy a club......perhaps he still IS and still has the backing of his financial 'muscle'. Surely if he was to return in a managerial role this would only add to his obvious love for our club.....didn't Quinn start as manager after taking over the club aswell??? I think so.

Anyway, in a nut shell it occurred to me that perhaps we could be looking for a manager and a buyer in one interview.....you never know.

I hope this thread will give you the opportunity to throw some more conspiracy or half-baked ideas around in a more 'open' forum. There are no put-downs here. Anything and everything is acceptable AS LONG as you back it up with tenuous evidence.!!

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