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[Archived] Student Auctions Off Virginity For Offers Of More Than £2.5 Million

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I don't know what is more pathetic, the men who want to pay millions of pounds to have a one night stand, or her or selling her virginity.

I mean no offense to anyone but imo she isn't even that fit. For 2.5m and that desperate, you could have 100 top class prostitutes, a mansion and a ferrari in the garage with money left over.

When I go out, I meet a nice girl, buy her a few bacardi breezers and at it all night like rabbits! I haven't got millions to buy virgins of the internet!

I don't really understand all this virginity icon, you have your first sexual counters in your teens and those experiences live in the memory forever and are cherished.

I can see where the girl is coming from though, she is made for life with the money. Is it really worth it though, losing your virginity to probably some complete weirdo.

I don't know who wins the auction. If he's expecting her to be dynamite in bed with no previous experience, then he's watched to much porn.

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