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[Archived] Isle Of Man Pubs

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I'm in the IoM for 3 nights in late Feb on one of my regular work visits. I normally go for a couple of pints in the "Rovers Return" which is well known for the back room Blackburn Rovers shrine.

However i'm getting a bit naffed off with the place as it stinks of wee (not mine) and sick.

Any ideas of an alternative in Douglas with a decent pint of real ale and no masses of unemployed scousers?


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I don't know if you can because of time and access but you should get yourself down to The Sidings in Castletown or The Bay in Port Erin (This is owned by the same company Bushys that run the Rovers and you will be able to see some Blackburn things behind the bar in there too - the owner Martin is a Blackburn fan too and some people on here will know him - Tris for one) for a nice pint (not that I would know because I am a larger drinker but my mate Russ who comes on here will back me up on this)

If you are stuck in Douglas there is a pub on the front called Jaks that is a good place to watch the footy (although I dont think you will get a specialized local bitter in there)

At the back of Jaks on strand street there is a place called O'Donnals which will do you a nice pint. There are some decent places along the Quay in Douglas that may do you a good pint too - The Bridge and The British - stay away from the Saddle though

Are you over at a weekend or midweek?

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Cocker, thanks for the answer. I have actually tried The Bay in Port Erin, good ale and good drinking crowd.

I'll try Jaks; I may have been in before but can't remember. I normally stop at the Sefton Hotel on the front so it ahould be handy for Jaks. Bit naffed off at the Sefton last time due to the very loud and prolonged love making of a couple in a room opposite who had their balcaony window open and curtains shut :angry2: !

I'm over mid week before getting the early flight back to Blackpool on friday 27th.

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