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  1. Anyone watch the World Championship final last night, a great match and Phil Taylor coming back from 2-0 and 4-2 down to claim his 16th world title, the way Van Gerwen started off I though he was going to breeze it, but Taylor went on to show why he's won over a hundred titles in his career.
  2. Ted Hanky is moving across to the PDC, I guess that the money is worth all the boo's he is going to get at most matches, a couple years ago after his first Grand Slam tournament when he fell out with the crowd, he said something like "if that's the future of darts then you can keep it." Seems he now wants a piece of it, also interesting quote from Bobby George. "I don't really fear for the BDO. Anyone that does well goes to the PDC and I don't blame them - you can earn a lot of money. But there's always another star that'll come through. Kisty is another one. The PDC can't really survive without the BDO." I can't see that last part of his statement being right, I would think the PDC would have no problem surviving without picking the few good players from the BDO.
  3. Certainly wide open now, could be one of those tournaments where luck plays a part and a player from nowhere gets to the final rather like Kirk Shepard 3 years ago. Chisnel played well yesterday although he missed some big single numbers, went for 19 and hit 3, can't afford to do that at this level, also how many times has a player beat Taylor then gone out next round. It is open for the likes of Wade and Anderson to step up and claim their place, Lewis has had a crap year really but could top it off by retaining his title.
  4. Never known so many upsets in the first round, Barney out, Webster out as well and Lewis had a scare in his first round match.
  5. Start of the World Championship tonight and I think it will be close this year, there are a few contenders for the title. Phil Taylor: Looking for world title number 16 and has had a good 2011, picking up World matchplay, European Championship, Grand Prix and Grand Slam titles. Adrian Lewis: Current World champion looking to keep hold of his title, although has not really built on his world championship win this year. Gary Anderson: Beaten finalist in the world championship 12 months ago, but went on to win the Premier League this year. James Wade: Could it be his year, with his off stage problems behind him he has picked up the UK Open title already this year. Mark Webster: Former BDO world champion, made it to the semi finals last year after putting out Phil Taylor. Raymond Van Barneveld: A poor year by his standards, but could he up his game to start 2012 on a high. I would like to see Wade win it this year, but really can't see anyone beating Taylor.
  6. Anyone been watching the World Grand Prix this week, semi finals tonight Wade Vs Dolan Taylor Vs Burnett On paper it would look like a Taylor Wade final, but there has been a few surprises this week, Dolan has played well in front of his home crowd and Burnett has been rolling back the years this week and has played fantastic. Fantastic nine darter from Dolan, the first player to do it in the history of the Grand Prix, as this tournament is a double to start as well as finish, it makes getting the nine darter even more special.
  7. What happend to Lewis, he blew Taylor apart in the semi although Taylor was below his usual standard, then in the final Lewis looked a shadow of the player who had played a couple hours earlier. Anderson was on fine form especially in the final, the third and fourth place play off seemed a waste of time, Taylor and Barney not really bothered about it, you could tell through their body language, would be better making the semi's and final a longer format.
  8. Prmier League Darts finals tonight, Semi Finals: Taylor Vs Lewis and Barney Vs Anderson. Should be some cracking games tonight, Taylor was beaten by Lewis in the first game of the league although Taylor has not lost a game since and that includes a win over Lewis. Lewis will have to step up his game to beat Taylor tonight, the other semi should be a close one, Barney has never got past the semi final stage in this tournament, his opponent tonight Gary Anderson has got to the semi finals in his first Premier League year and has been the form player behind Taylor, close one to call.
  9. Anyone see the Prem League darts tonight, the crowd were a disgrace during the Anderson v Lewis match I know the crowd were supporting the Scotsman Anderson and you expect boo's from the crowd when Lewis was throwing. But to chuck beer at Lewis during the walk on and also throw coins at him when he was on stage was a disgrace. Anderson was clearly emabarrassed by this, fair play to Lewis who carried on and went on to win the match although I think Anderson had given up towards the end and just wanted to get off the stage, it clearly affected his game as well.
  10. Just realised I posted in the wrong thread last night but in my defence it was late
  11. Listening to 5live on the way home last night and they had a feature on who was the best lead singer in a band, they had taken it from a music wbsite that did a poll to find the best lead singer and this was the top 3. 1. Axl Rose 2. Freddie Mercury 3. Robert Plant I have to admit that Axl Rose was a bit of a surprise to be at the top, I probably would have said Mercury would of been a lot of peoples choices althogh I do admit that I do like a lot of Guns and Roses stuff.
  12. Nothing against Gary Mawson but if Taylor was playing a form player last night he could have been going home. Taylor had an average of 89 in that match, certainly no where near what is needed to get through this tournament.
  13. World Championship starts tonight, anybody off here going to it in the next couple of weeks
  14. A great win for Scott Waites, to come back from 8-0 down to win 16-12,being as Waites is a BDO player I can see him getting a call from the PDC very soon.
  15. Scott Waites struggling against James Wade in the Grand Slam final, Wade leading 7-0 at moment Waites has now woken up 5 legs on the bounce for him , 9-5 at the moment What a final Waites now leading 14-11, Wade has just fell apart.
  16. According to the PDC website The World Matchplay at Blackpool is July 16-24
  17. Taylor decided to ditch the glasses for last nights match against Wes Newton, played better without them but certainly not upto his usual high standard. Apparently he is considering having laser eye surgery.
  18. Craig Short has been sacked by Notts County
  19. Would like to see Lewis go on and lift his first major title, but I think Wade will be favourite going into tonights final.
  20. Cracking game last night between Taylor and Anderson, I really thought Anderson was going to win the way he was playing and Taylor was not anywhere near his best. Taylor stepped it up in the final set and Anderson just seem to lose his edge, it would of made a cracking final.
  21. According to Digital Spy Police Academy 8 will start filming next year for a 2012 release, many of the original cast will be in it, bet you can't wait can you.
  22. MGM have said that the next James Bond movie have been shelved,this is due to financial problems, it's not sure when the next Bond movie will be made.
  23. Fantastic final and fair play to Wade who didn't lie down and fought all the way, 2 nine darters in a short format match is unbelievable and also Taylor did a 10 darter as well which could have been a third nine darter had he not missed trable 17.
  24. Wade has picked his game up and has done well to get into the final 4, he will have to up his game a little more to beat Whitlock who has been great so far. As for beating Taylor, Wade will really have to push it.
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