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[Archived] Laptop Internet Problem

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Weve just upgraded our internet from AOL to Talk Talk. Did a speed test on the home pc and a laptop and were said to be getting just over 6mb/s, great compared to AOL. However when I do a speed test from the same internet site as the other two on my Laptop the speed result is stuck around 3mb/s!

Does anyone know why my Laptop is showing different speeds to the other two computers and how do I speed up my laptop internet?



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You could try running a spyware or virus check. If you have some nasty running in the back ground this can slow your connection.

Also if you are using your laptop wirelessly try plugging in an ethernet cable to test if it goes up.

At the moment these are simple tests but you have to work from the ground up.

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How was each machine connecting to the internet?

If the others were wired and the laptop wireless then that will hamper the speed somewhat and would explain the difference.

I'm not sure on Talk Talk's policies, but I'd imagine simply what time of day you choose to do the test could make a difference. Choose peak hours and you mind find a slower speed.

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The home pc is wires, but both laptops are running wireless. The tests were carried out using the same website at the same time. Two computers resulted in the same speed (6mb/s) whilst my laptop showed only (3mb/s).

Doesnt really affect anythin as were obviously getting a decent speed, just strange how one laptop limit the internet speed whilst others dont.

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Sorted my internet speed out. Watched a video tutorial to speed up my laptop internet. It involved downloading this application - TCP Optimizer:


This programme lets view what max speed your internet card is currently set at. Mine was at around 3mb/s which was exactly the speeds I was getting. To change it you just need to move the pointer along to what speed your supposed to be getting (I moved mine to 8mb/s). Then click optimal settings on the bottom then apply. It will then prompt you to restart your computer, after which your speed should be increased.

Im not getting just over 6mb/s on this computer, the same as the other two.

Easy to use and effective!

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