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[Archived] Lucash Neill


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It seems that I am and you are not.

Have it your way brains. :lol::wstu:

btw No good goading me Gunner..... I'm not going to get further involved in hypothetical numbers that neither of us could ever hope to verify. But on the estimated numbers that we have been bandying about everybody can see that even after losing 500k since July and without factoring in signing on fees etc that Lucas Neill Inc is still 1m up since he rejected Liverpool in favour of WHU. I'll leave it at that.

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There was a four year contract on the table at Liverpool which would now be looking enormously more lucrative than what he is getting now and would wipe out that initial gain before this season is out.

And that is without factoring appearance at a club whose worst season since Lucash followed the short term wonga was getting to the SF of the CL.

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It was more the fact he said that he wanted to go to Liverpool, then went to West Ham. We're football fans, we are allowed to be fickle!

To have selective memories as well.

Some Rovers fans were booing him well before he left and while he was playing for Rovers. The Liverpool thing is a smoke-screen as he wasn't liked before then either.

Obviously he is very money-orientated and hard to like too much for his choices but at least he didn't go on strike like Ferguson or do a Bentley live on air.

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