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[Archived] Rotterdam

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I'm trying to organise a stag do in Rotterdam in February next year. The plan is to ferry across from Hull spending a night each way on the boat and the saturday night in Rotterdam. So, I'm after anyone with a bit of expertise to recommend a hotel in a decent area and also any ideas for where to go in the evening.

Wth regards the hotel, I'm looking for somewhere that will either let us check in early (we arrive at aound 0700hrs) or let us drop our bags so we can have a wander around until we can get into the rooms. We are saving a bit of money by staying on the ferry two nights and so it doesn't need to be completely budget.

Night out - we aren't a bunch of 18yr old lager louts (any more...!) but we will be after somewhere decent to eat then a couple of nice enough bars. Perhaps a recommendation of a....gentlemans club... wouldn't go amiss!

Any help gratefully received!

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AHHHHHH Rotterdam, what a great European trip it was for Rovers.

You will find plenty to do, plenty to drink and eat and plenty to see.

The ferry is a good option although when we went out a couple of years ago we stayed in Amsterdam and got the train in for the game. Try pming Ozzie, he went on the overnight disco boat and enjoyed himself.

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I went to Rotterdam for the weekend 5 years (jeez, tiome flies ...)

Can't remember much in the way of restaurants or bars ... I found it quite boring, but then I was there for the marathon so I didn't do much exploring. I seem to remember a pizza hut off the main square if that helps!

I stayed in the Hotel van Walsum which was very nice. Clean, nice location. I wouldn't want to climb the stairs when drunk though, narrow and twisty!


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