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[Archived] Scanners / All In One

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Sadly I have to buy a scanner and I already have a perfectly good HP printer which packs away in neatly in the cupboard until I need it. My inclination is to buy a flat bed scanner as I've always believed in buying something designed to do the job rather than a machine trying to do three different things. I've also had poor past experience with multi-function machines. So I have some questions, which I've failed to find answers to on the web:

1. Using a flatbed scanner can one scan and then immediately print the document that has been scanned? I'm imagining there might be an option on the lines of "Scan and print." Clearly a printer has to be attached as well

2. If I buy a Scanner / Printer 3 in 1 thingy would it scan and print the copy in one function or would it be a two stage process as I imagine it probably is with a standard flat bed scanner? Clearly if a 3 in 1 machine will scan and then automatically print the scanned document this saves a lot of time and hassle

3. Any recommendations for either a 3 in 1 or a flatbed?

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Lexmark 4550 is what we have.

I was pleasantly surprised by how decent the quality is.

And yes, it scans and prints just like a normal photocopier - very useful function to have in the house.

And of course it's WiFi so no cables in sight, can use the laptop anywhere in the house and print as normal, and receive scans as normal.

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I know that the one I have will save it to the laptop when you scan it and you then have the choice to print. I do not know if you can do them both at the same time though (I would be sure its possible though)

To be honest the pictures and things are totally the Mrs domain in our house.

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Tris / Cocker, thanks

I may not have made myself clear. When scanning a document will it save the doc to the PC / laptop and print a copy at the same time?

Pretty much - the scanned document appears in a pop up window (in effect part of the Lexmark software in my case) - ctrl P to print and ctrl S to save (or right click on the mouse).

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