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[Archived] 360 - Fifa 10 - Brfcs League

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Monkey see monkey do....

I'll start a FIFA 10 online league up for the 360 gamers. We'll need at least 6 sign ups to make it decent.

As with the PS3 thread, I'll give it about a week before I start it up.

Feel free to send "snatchimcsnatch" a friend request for some pre season friendlies if you wish.

Please post your 360 gamertag here and I'll do the invites. I'll decide the league format once we get the numbers.

Happy gaming... :brfc:

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I am happy to play in this, however only if the controls are set to Semi Assisted.

Gamertag: Kamy100


a) You can set that in the league settings (I haven't played it yet)

B) Everyone else is up for a challenge (that smiley was supposed to be a "b")

I think it's a great idea.

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did this league happen? i aint had an invite yet

The league has now been created - sorry for the delay.

UI;ve sent everyone a message via Xbox live but in case I've missed anyone the league name is brfcs, password "brfcs".

Halves are six minutes, any club team allowed apart from Real, Barca, Man U, Liverpool.

Anytime you want a match go into the league and it should show you who is online/available. I'll be on tonight hopping between FIFA and Forza so if anyone wants a game (even if it's just a pre season friendly) send me a message via XBL. As the other half is away this weekend I might be quite p1ssed as well tonight so now is probably the time to play me :)

Good luck.

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Guest Kamy100

Villa 2 (Demontfort Rover) v Valencia 4 (Kamy)

Well played mate, you were comfortable at 2-1, however change my tactics and bought on Zigic and turned the match. Well played.

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Most people seem be on around 7pm onwards but don't be surprised if everyones playing Modern Warfare 2 this week!

Welcome aboard - I think I've screwed the league up a bit - I think we only play each other twice and I'm not sure if I can change it without resetting. Either way I'll start another straight after this one anyway.

I suspect you've already figures this bit if you go into the league it should show you who's playing FIFA at that time.

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